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Panzerkampfabzeichen II Stufe "25"

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Bauer, Ludwig (WH-Panzer)16-02-1923 more 
Beck, Karl (WH-Panzer)   
Bender, Paul   
Bertold, Willi   
Beschwitz, Freiherr von, Werner19-01-191525-05-2011more 
Biermeier, Fritz19-05-191311-10-1944more 
Blaich, Albert03-10-191319-03-1945more 
Bleicken, Otto-Heinrich18-07-190931-01-1993more 
Bohlken, Erwin09-07-191906-11-1954more 
Bose, Georg20-10-192126-09-2011more 
Bostell, von, Wolfgang Hans Heiner Paul25-02-191710-05-1991more 
Bunzel, Hans-Karl28-10-191812-11-1995 
Bäke, Franz28-02-189812-12-1978more 
Bölter, Johannes29-02-191516-09-1987more