Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer

Formally this version is known as Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges, mit Schwertern.

This bronze coloured version carries swords to the common design and a Laurel wreath.
It was awarded tot those who were in active military duty during battle on land, by sea or in the air. Known is that 6.202.883 examples were awarded, not included those who were still in active duty. Therefore the total number must be much higher. Until 1944 the award was still awarded. There are black versions of the decoration known.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Eberding, Knut18-12-189528-06-1978more 
Eckardt, Eduard29-01-187515-06-1959more 
Eckhardt, Johann-Heinrich03-12-189615-05-1945 
Edelmann, Karl05-07-189125-01-1971 
Edelsheim, Reichsfreiherr von, Maximilian06-07-189726-04-1994more 
Eglseer, Karl05-07-189023-06-1944more 
Ehle, Curt21-10-189916-08-1986more 
Eibl, Karl-Franz23-07-189121-01-1943more 
Eicke, Theodor17-10-189226-02-1943more 
Ekström, Martin06-12-188728-12-1954 
Elster, Botho Hening  more 
Elster, Wolfgang05-04-189715-02-1944more 
Engel, Johann15-05-189418-07-1973more 
Engelbrecht, Erwin (WH-136.Infanterie-Division)12-11-189108-06-1964 
Engelhardt, Otto08-06-1896 more 
Erdmann, Dipl.-Ing., Wolfgang (LW-Fallschirmjäger)13-11-189805-09-1946more 
Erdmannsdorf, von, Gottfried25-04-189330-01-1946more 
Erdmannsdorff, von, Werner26-07-189105-06-1945more 
Erkmann, Johannes   
Esebeck, Freiherr von, Hans-Karl10-07-189205-01-1955more