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Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

The German Cross (Deutschen Kreuz) is build up out of 5 separate parts and although the name suggests otherwise, it has the shape of a large 8-pointed breast star with in the center a large black swastika which is outlined in silver. The name of this award comes from this 21,5 mm big swastika. This swastika is placed upon a red-bordered silver disk and upon this red border is a golden laurel leaf wreath mounted. The golden wreath measures 39 mm across and is made out of single laurel leaves that are bounded together with a silk lint. At the bottom of the wreath is a square box with the year 1941 impressed into it. This date refers to the year of institution and from underneath this wreath emerge the eight star points. These points are chemically blackened and have the appearance of sunrays. Underneath these points is a 63 mm large silver backing plate placed which has the same shape as the award, only it’s slightly bigger so it forms the outer line of the award. At the reverse are 4 or 6 rivets visible and through the number of rivets you can recognize if the award was made in Germany or Austria. The German Crosses with 4 rivets were made in Germany and the pieces with 6 rivets in Austria. Further is there at the reverse a large width pin with a standard hook construction placed. If the award is marked with the LDO-number of the producer, then it is stamped in either the front or backside of the pin. To prevent damaging the award during combat, there was also a cloth version made. This cloth version has a metal wreath and the backing cloth colour is the same as the tunic colour of the corresponding Army branch. Fieldgrey is for the Army (Heer) and Waffen-SS, bleu-grey for the Air Force, (Luftwaffe) Marine bleu for the Navy (Kriegsmarine) and black for the Armored forces.

The German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) was awarded for bravery and outstanding achievements in combat but where the Knight’s Cross wasn’t awarded for. The recipient did however already had to own the Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1 Klasse) or Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse with swords. The exact number of times that the German Cross in Gold was bestowed is still unknow at this time.

The OKW barred/stopped by decree the awarding of the Gernan Cross in Gold for "multiple remarkable services in troop leadership" from March 10th, 1945 on.

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Mummert, Werner31-03-189728-01-1950more 
Mund, Dieter13-03-192223-11-1943 
Mund, Wilhelm   
Mundinger, Willi   
Mundt, Albert   
Mundt, Hans-Josef   
Mundt, Wilhelm   
Mungai, Hans   
Munique, Fritz   
Munkelt, Herbert   
Munsche, Karl-Heinz   
Munske, Kurt   
Munz, Gottlieb   
Munz, Karl29-04-1915  
Munzel, Oskar13-03-189901-01-1992more 
Munzert, Walter   
Murach, Erich   
Murmann, Wilhelm  more 
Murthum, Hermann   
Muscheid, Alfred   
Muscheid, Helmut13-02-1921  
Muscheid, Rudolf   
Muschick, Herbert   
Muschiol, Franz   
Muschler, Karl   
Muschner, Gerhard   
Muschner, Martin   
Musick, Friedrich   
Musins, Karlis15-12-191902-06-1955 
Musolf, Johann   
Mussack, Alfred   
Mussler, Alfons   
Mutert, Ulrich   
Muth, Dr., Heinrich   
Muth, Friedel   
Muth, Ludwig   
Mutius, von, Albrecht   
Mutius, von, Erhard   
Mutius, von, Karl   
Mutius, von, Theodor   
Mutscher, Helmut   
Mutzenbach, Kurt   
Mücke, Helmut   
Müh, Ewald   
Mühl-Kühner, Dr. Dr., Robert   
Mühlbauer, Franz   
Mühlbauer, Kastulus  more 
Mühlbauer, Oskar   
Mühlbauer, Rudolf23-03-191926-03-2000more 
Mühlböck, Johann   
Mühle, Georg   
Mühleisen, Arthur   
Mühleisen, Gustav   
Mühlen, Freiherr von, Kurt-Hermann22-01-190515-01-1971 
Mühlfriedel, Wilhelm   
Mühlhan, Bernhard   
Mühlhaus, Kurt   
Mühlhausen, Heinz   
Mühlinghaus, August20-05-191917-10-1942 
Mühlinghaus, Dipl.Ing., Rolf   
Mühlsteff, Hans   
Mylius, Erich   
Mylius, Wilhelm24-02-191510-09-1970more 
Müllensiefen, Peter-Eberhard05-08-191218-02-2004 
Müller, Albert (KM-Schnellboot)03-04-191303-04-2005more 
Müller, Alfred (WH-Pz.Gren.Rgt. 6)14-10-1915  
Müller, Dietrich   
Müller, Dr., Günther (LW-Fallschirmjäger)15-09-191100-00-1962more 
Müller, Edmund   
Müller, Egon   
Müller, Emanuel   
Müller, Erich (Kampfgeschwader 1)  more 
Müller, Ernst (KM-U-Boot)10-11-191114-02-1945 
Müller, Eugen   
Müller, Ferdinand12-11-191500-00-1999 
Müller, Franz (WH-Inf.Rgt. 460)   
Müller, Friedrich (Schnelle-Abteilung 178)   
Müller, Fritz (WH-Jäger/Grenadier)03-10-190726-01-1994more 
Müller, Gebhard   
Müller, Georg (Heeres-Flak-Artillerie)   
Müller, Gerhard (Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment)   
Müller, Gottfried (Flak-Lehr-Abteilung)   
Müller, Gottfried (Lw-Nahaufklärungsgruppe)   
Müller, Gottfried (WH-Gren.Rgt. 368)   
Müller, Hans (Infanterie-Regiment 111)16-03-191026-09-1998more 
Müller, Hans (Lw-Wettererkundungsstaffel)   
Müller, Hans (Panzer-Regiment 35)13-04-191714-11-1943 
Müller, Helmut (WH-Artillerie-Regiment)   
Müller, Helmut (WH-Inf.Rgt. 523)   
Müller, Jakob   
Müller, Joachim   
Müller, Johann (Kriegsmarine)07-09-1902  
Müller, Johannes (WH-Gren.Rgt. 31)   
Müller, Joseph   
Müller, Jürgen   
Müller, Karl (Artillerie-Regiment 20)   
Müller, Karl (Artillerie-Regiment 96)   
Müller, Karl (Aufklärungsgruppe 122)   
Müller, Karl (Infanterie-Regiment 305)   
Müller, Karl (Kampfgeschwader)   
Müller, Karl (Kommando der Kleinkampfverbände)   
Müller, Karl (Lehrgeschwader 1)   
Müller, Karl (Schlachtgeschwader 2)   
Müller, Ludwig (Lw-Nahaufklärungsgruppe)   
Müller, Nikolaus   
Müller, Philipp   
Müller, Reinhard   
Müller, Robert   
Müller, Rolf (SS-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 2)07-08-1915 more 
Müller, Siegfried (LW-Jagdgeschwader 3)13-03-1924  
Müller, Siegfried (LW-Jagdgeschwader 54)10-11-191721-02-1945 
Müller, von Berneck, Gerhard   
Müller, von, Dr., Rolf   
Müller, Walter (Waffen-SS)   
Müller, Walter (WL-Seeaufklärungsgruppe)07-10-1916 more 
Müller, Willi (WH-Pio.Btl. 129)   
Müller-Blanck, Günter   
Müller-Brandeck, Hans   
Müller-Derichsweiler, Erich27-09-189024-04-1956 
Müller-Hillebrand, Burkhart   
Müller-Röhlich, Steffen   
Müller-Sohler, Sigurd   
Müller-Wilke, Heinz   
Müllner, Otto   
Mülsch, Heinz   
Münch, Adolf   
Münch, Gerhard02-12-191406-12-2011 
Münch, Helmut   
Münch, Kurt   
Münch, Ludwig   
Münch, Richard   
Müncheberg, Karl-Heinz   
Münchhausen, Freiherr von, Wilhelm   
Münchow, Franz   
Münchow, von, Leopold04-03-188400-02-1945 
Münchschwander, Walter   
Mündel, Hasso   
Mündlein, Ernst07-12-191311-09-1944 
Münker, Adolf   
Münschke, Paul   
Münster, Ernst   
Münster, Leopold13-12-192008-05-1944 
Münster, Rudolf   
Münstermann, Josef   
Münstermann, Wilhelm   
Münter, Walter   
Münz, Friedrich   
Münz, Otto   
Münzberg, Erich   
Münzer, Herbert   
Münzner, Eberhard17-07-192008-08-1944 
Mürau, Karl-Heinz   
Mürl, Heinrich11-02-1912  
Mützelfeldt, Hans-Joachim08-08-191610-05-1945 
Mäder, Lambert   
Mädler, Helmut27-09-191922-08-1996 
Mäffert, Walter   
Mägel, Oskar   
Mähler, Bernhard   
Mähler, Josef02-10-191524-08-1944 
Mährle, Karl   
Mänhardt, Manfred25-11-190927-09-1950 
Märgner, Kurt   
Märgner, Otto   
Märker, Herbert   
Märtl, Hans26-12-191900-00-2007 
März, August   
Mäss, Albert   
Mätje, Wilhelm   
Mätz, Georg   
Mäuser, Ernst   
Möbes, Hermann   
Möbius, Johannes   
Möbius, Rudolf13-12-191225-08-1978 
Möbius, Siegfried   
Möcker, Otto   
Mödder, German   
Möhlenkamp, Kurt   
Möhler, Gerhard   
Möhling, Karl   
Möhlmann, Heinz   
Möhn, Walter   
Möhring, Günter   
Möhring, Kurt03-01-190018-12-1944more 
Möhring, Werner   
Möhrke, Bruno   
Mölber, Georg   
Mölleken, Wilhelm   
Möllenbruck, Wilhelm   
Möllenhoff, Georg   
Möller, Adolf   
Möller, Alfred   
Möller, Arno   
Möller, Bernhard   
Möller, Carl   
Möller, Friedrich   
Möller, Friedrich   
Möller, Gustav   
Möller, Günter   
Möller, Hans (Jagdgeschwader 53)   
Möller, Hans (Pionier-Bataillon 258)02-08-190811-02-1943more 
Möller, Hans (SS-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 9)   
Möller, Heinrich   
Möller, Heinz   
Möller, Kurt05-01-189830-08-1944 
Möller, Martin   
Möller, Peter   
Möller, Richard   
Möller, Walter   
Möller, Walter (U 516)   
Möller, Werner   
Möllhoff, Friedrich   
Möllinger, Johann   
Mölter, Kurt   
Mönch, Ernst   
Mönch, Hubert   
Mönnich, Hubert14-01-1914  
Möntmann, Werner26-09-1922  
Mörbitz, Karl   
Mörsch, Willi   
Möschen, Johann   
Mössing, Anton   
Mössinger, Ernst   
Möwes, Hans