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Medal of Honor - Army (MoH)

This decoration was instituted by Congress in July 1862 for the Army. Eligible are officers and enlisted men of the Army and the Army Air Corps and the decoration is awarded for 'bravery in action involving actual conflict with the enemy' and then only to those who distinguish themselves conspiciously. The medal is different for each Service.

A bronze, five-pointed star resting on a laurel wreath, enamelled green. On each ray of the star is a green oak leaf. In the centre of the star, the head of Minerva in a circle with the inscription: 'The United States of America' The medal is suspended from a bar with the inscription 'valor'. On top of the bar is an eagle with wings spread.
The reverse of the bar shows the inscription 'The Congress to....(name of the recipient). The ribbon is light blue with thirteen white stars, representing the states from which the Union was originally formed.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Kandle, Victor Leonard13-06-192131-12-1944 
Kane, John Riley "Killer Kane"05-01-190729-05-1996more 
Karaberis, Christos H. "Carr"06-04-191416-09-1970 
Kearby, Neel Ernest05-06-191105-03-1944more 
Keathley, George Dennis10-03-191714-09-1944 
Keeble, Woodrow Wilson16-05-191728-01-1982more 
Kefurt, Gus J.00-00-191724-12-1944 
Kelley, Jonah Edward "Eddie"13-04-192331-01-1945 
Kelley, Ova Arthur27-03-191410-12-1944 
Kelly, Charles E. "Commando"23-09-192011-01-1985 
Kelly, John D.08-07-192323-11-1944 
Kelly, Thomas Joseph09-09-192302-10-1988 
Kerstetter, Dexter James21-12-190709-07-1972 
Kessler, Patrick L.17-03-192225-05-1944 
Kimbro, Truman27-05-191919-12-1944 
Kiner, Harold G.14-04-192402-10-1944 
Kingsley, David Richard27-06-191823-06-1944 
Kisters, Gerhart Herman "Gerry"14-04-192411-05-1986 
Knappenberger, Alton Warren (US Army)31-12-192309-06-2008 
Knight, Jack Llewellyn29-05-191702-02-1945 
Knight, Raymond Larry15-06-192225-04-1945more 
Kobashigawa, Yeiki "Lefty"28-09-191731-03-2005more 
Krotiak, Anthony L.15-08-191508-05-1945 
Kuroda, Robert Toshio08-11-192220-10-1944more