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Good Conduct Medal - Army

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Passarelli, Antonio12-08-1912 more 
Pattison, Jack M.22-02-1921  
Pattyn, August Louis21-05-191717-02-1997 
Pearson, Milton Harvey14-11-191707-12-1970more 
Pellettiere, John M.28-07-191806-08-1980more 
Pena, Michael Castaneda "Mike"06-11-192405-09-1950more 
Penkala, Alex M., Jr.30-08-192410-01-1945more 
Perconte, Frank J.10-03-191724-10-2013more 
Perri, Peter P., Jr.28-02-1917 more 
Perry, James T.27-09-192300-02-2011more 
Petersen, Vernon William28-07-1918 more 
Petry, Joseph L. "Joe"   
Peyton, Kenneth P.07-07-192213-01-1998more 
Phillips, David K.01-06-1921  
Phillips, Roy E   
Pisula, John J.   
Poff, Albert Harvey10-07-191931-05-1966 
Polasky, Edward 03-07-1944 
Pollock, William E.00-00-192115-02-2011 
Posadas, John Z.   
Powers, Darrell C. "Shifty"13-03-192317-06-2009more 
Priest, Arlis24-02-192312-02-2008more 
Prince Veroes, Manuel Antonio16-06-191400-00-2003 
Procell, Willie F.   
Puffer, Arthur W. "Pop"02-12-191112-09-1997 
Pugsley, Aaron D.08-03-1925  
Pumphrey, A.T. "Pump"24-03-191722-12-2010more