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Belgium (1830-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Blondeel, Edouard "Eddy"* January 25th, 1906
† May 23rd, 2000

Bonté, Maurice* September 22nd, 1904
† August 24th, 1958

Brahy, Christian "Sunshine"* March 9th, 1923
† January 3rd, 2011

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
L'Allemant, Raymond A. "Cheval"23-08-191730-01-2008 
Laeremans, Louis 26-02-2019 
Lahaye, Sylvain03-06-190911-09-1976 
Leboutte, Lucien05-03-189828-10-1988more 
Lefever, Alidor09-05-190425-11-1987more 
Lejeune, Olivier George08-06-1917  
Lemaire, Renée Bernadette Émilie10-01-191424-12-1944 
Leroy, Jacques10-09-192405-08-1996 
Libotton, August08-07-192221-07-1987 
Liedekerke, de, Comte, Philippe "Claudius"17-02-191520-02-1997 
Lierde, van, Remi14-08-191508-06-1990 
Lippert, Lucien25-08-191313-02-1944 
Livio, Louis Angelo   
Loock, van, Jan01-03-192123-11-1969