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Belgium (1830-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Blondeel, Edouard "Eddy"* January 25th, 1906
† May 23rd, 2000

Bonté, Maurice* September 22nd, 1904
† August 24th, 1958

Brahy, Christian "Sunshine"* March 9th, 1923
† January 3rd, 2011

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Palla, M.J.J.  
Palsterman, Pieter Jan24-07-188829-11-1918
Panis, Ferdinand06-10-188024-05-1917
Pans, Joseph Marius26-05-1924 
Parmentier, R.05-10-1920 
Peeraer, Gustaaf Pieter11-05-189412-03-1951more
Peerre, Sylvain 08-08-1918
Peeters, Alfons03-05-191522-12-1979
Peeters, F.A.  
Peeters, G.  
Peeters, Godfroid Lambert00-00-188511-08-1918
Pelsmaeker, de, Jozef31-10-192015-03-1994more
Peniakoff, Vladimir "Popski"30-03-189715-05-1951
Penninckx, Jean Eduard00-00-188230-03-1915
Philippart, Jacques11-01-190925-08-1940
Philipsen, Victor Louis06-06-189406-10-1971
Picard, Henri Albert17-04-191629-03-1944
Picavet, A.J.  
Pierart, Alfred26-04-190907-06-1940
Pieters, Emilius Oscar15-02-188812-06-1940
Pieters, Oscar08-03-190122-05-1940
Pietquin, R.  
Pijcke, Cyriel10-08-191924-05-1940
Piquijn, Arthur Edmond13-05-187419-10-1918
Piron, Jean-Baptiste10-04-189604-09-1974
Pirson, M.J.O.  
Plateau, Louis 03-05-1918
Plesters, A.H.M.  
Poel, van der, Louis14-10-191807-11-1978
Ponnet, A.  
Preter, de, Franciscus06-08-188807-01-1973
Proth, Anatole31-01-189717-04-1981
Prudhomme, E.H.N.  
Puttemans, Hendrik01-04-192031-05-1940
Puysseleyr, De, Joseph F.V.R.17-10-191809-01-1945