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Belgium (1830-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Blondeel, Edouard "Eddy"* January 25th, 1906
† May 23rd, 2000

Bonté, Maurice* September 22nd, 1904
† August 24th, 1958

Brahy, Christian "Sunshine"* March 9th, 1923
† January 3rd, 2011

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Geelen, Pierre Albert Hubert "Grinder"24-06-191610-09-1944 
Geerinckx, Maria Josephina (Fientje)00-00-188600-00-1951 
Genechten, van, Ferdinand August25-08-188823-01-1966 
Geurts, Julius "Juul"24-02-192309-01-1943 
Gilissen, Pieter-Jozef10-04-191510-01-1995more 
Gillis, Léon11-12-191324-03-1977 
Gisbergen, van, Jos13-09-191402-06-1986 
Goethem, van, Jean J.P.07-02-192423-04-1945 
Goffin, Paul Edmond Joseph "Paul Quinaux"26-06-1915  
Gomand, Johannes Amatus Armandus Josephus12-08-190429-09-1982 
Gonay, Henri Alphonse Clement21-06-191314-06-1944 
Groenewout, R.H.A.   
Guérisse, Albert Marie Edmond "Patrick O'Leary"05-04-191126-03-1989more