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Soviet Union (1922-1991, People's Republic)

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Abankin, Pavel Sergeyevich* September 5th, 1902
August 15th, 1965

Aganov, Sergei Khristorovich* June 4th, 1917
February 1st, 1996

Ageyev, Grigoriy Antonovich* March 4th, 1902
October 30th, 1941

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Chaykina, Yelizaveta Ivanovna28-08-191823-11-1941
Chebotarov, Pavel Petrovich16-07-192327-04-1945
Chernenko, Konstantin Ustinovich24-09-191110-03-1985more
Chernov, Pavel Mikhaylovich00-00-192526-09-1943
Chernov, Vasiliy Ivanovich14-01-191513-03-1945
Chernyakhovsky, Ivan29-06-190618-02-1945more
Chertenkov, Ivan Matveyevich00-00-191202-03-1943
Chistyakov, Mikhail Nikolayevich18-11-189626-04-1980more
Chuikov, Vasily Ivanovich12-02-190018-03-1982more
Chukhnovsky, Boris Grigoryevich09-04-189830-09-1975
Chulyukov, Vasily Petrovich00-00-192218-07-1942
Chursanov, Ivan Mikhaylovich17-02-191303-02-1945
Chuyanov, Aleksey Semonovich17-03-190530-11-1977