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France (1870-present, Republic)

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Aalberg, André* June 5th, 1913
† October 15th, 1943

Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie* June 5th, 1920
† February 16th, 2000

Abraham, Robert Colbert* November 23rd, 1921
† November 27th, 2004

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Wabi, Agoussi25-04-189810-11-1941
Wagner, René Alphonse28-12-190728-04-1999more
Waleina, Aloizo "Jules Brasse"14-04-191300-00-1948more
Wallrand, Angélique 17-11-1918
Weil, René20-09-191726-12-1942
Weill, René-Georges26-01-190829-05-1942
Weill, Robert25-04-191630-06-1940
Weygand, Maxime21-01-186728-01-1965more
Wiccaert, Albert Ernest Louis François28-02-191113-05-1940
Widmer, Guillaume Georges "Walter"24-07-190628-06-1968
Wilk, Ludwik17-08-190124-07-1944
Witton, Rosine "Rolande"23-11-190600-00-1995
Wlazak, Paul Wladyslaw "Leon"09-06-192430-08-1944
Woerther, Albert18-02-192012-05-1971
Wojcik, Wladyslaw07-06-189712-12-1944
Wolff, Adrienne  
Worms, Jean Eugène01-02-190929-03-1945
Wronski, Adolf21-12-192020-07-1944
Wybot, Roger13-10-191226-09-1997more
Wyrouboff, Nicolas07-02-191513-08-2009