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France (1870-present, Republic)

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Aalberg, André* June 5th, 1913
† October 15th, 1943

Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie* June 5th, 1920
† February 16th, 2000

Abraham, Robert Colbert* November 23rd, 1921
† November 27th, 2004

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Haan, Pierre-Louis   
Hackin, Marie Alice07-09-190524-02-1941 
Hary, Louis R.   
Hauteclocque, Pierre de10-02-191024-09-2004more 
Hebray, 'd, Charles Marie Maurice   
Heckmann, Robert30-04-192709-04-1945 
Heible, Louis29-05-192425-09-1994 
Hennecart, Lucien00-00-190800-00-1996 
Henocque, P.S.   
Henrio, Mathurin16-04-192910-02-1944 
Henry, Marcelle Marie-Louise Marguerite07-09-189524-04-1945 
Hentschké, Gilbert   
Herlemann, Jean Paul   
Heusch, Henri29-11-190805-10-1944 
Hollard, Michel10-07-189816-07-1993 
Hory, Roger05-06-1919  
Houdémon, Jean00-00-188500-00-1960 
Humbert, Agnès12-10-189419-09-1963 
Humbert, Jacques Eugene Albert   
Huntziger, Charles Léon Clément25-06-188012-11-1941more 
Hureau, Robert M.