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France (1870-present, Republic)

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Aalberg, André* June 5th, 1913
† October 15th, 1943

Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie* June 5th, 1920
† February 16th, 2000

Abraham, Robert Colbert* November 23rd, 1921
† November 27th, 2004

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Radici, Georges00-00-191824-07-1947 
Ragnacci, Yago16-08-192507-04-1945 
Raillard, Robert   
Rambaud, Christian17-09-191312-10-1944 
Rauscher, Andre   
Ravenel, Jean Marie26-12-192008-04-1945 
Raybaud, Emile19-05-191007-09-1995 
Rechenmann, Charles Théophile "Rover"24-08-191210-09-1944 
Rëgnier, David Jean-Louis   
Remy, Henri Léon03-07-191000-04-1945 
Renault, Louis12-02-187724-10-1944 
Richard, Maurice   
Rimbert, Patrice   
Rivière, Albert24-04-189128-06-1953 
Rivière, Mathias   
Rivière, Paul Claude Marie22-11-191215-12-1998more 
Rol-Tanguy, Henri12-06-190808-09-2002more 
Rollin, Louis Marie Joseph Etienne27-03-187903-11-1952 
Ropartz, Roger (Jean?)   
Rossignol de la Perche, Philippe22-06-1919  
Rostaing, Pierre08-01-190911-12-1996 
Rouan, Albert   
Rouillon, Robert00-00-1916  
Rous de Féneyrols, Jacques Marie Salvy16-07-192318-12-1944 
Roussy de Sales, de, Francois R.   
Rozanoff, Constantin23-08-190503-04-1954 
Ruffeenacht, Pierre   
Ruibet, Pierre Henri Fernand   
Rundwasser, Robert (Jaques?)   
Ruscone, Pierre00-00-192108-07-2005