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Related persons

Alvarez, Luis Walter* June 13th, 1911
September 1st, 1988

Beser, Jacob* May 15th, 1921
June 16th, 1992

Caron, George Robert "Bob"* October 31st, 1919
June 3rd, 1995
Plot: 8 Grave: 1106

Ferebee, Thomas Wilson* November 9th, 1918
March 16th, 2000

Jeppson, Morris Richard* June 23rd, 1922
March 30th, 2010

Laurence, William Leonard* March 7th, 1888
March 19th, 1977

Lewis, Robert Alvin* October 18th, 1917
June 18th, 1983

Oppenheimer, Julius Robert* April 22nd, 1904
February 18th, 1967

Parsons, William Sterling "Deak"* November 26th, 1901
December 5th, 1953
Plot: 3 Grave: 2167

Stettinius, Edward Reilly Jr.* October 22nd, 1900
October 31st, 1949

Stimson, Henry Lewis* September 21st, 1867
October 20th, 1950

Tibbets, Paul Warfield Jr.* February 23rd, 1915
November 1st, 2007

Truman, Harry S.* May 8th, 1884
December 26th, 1972

Van Kirk, Theodore Jerome "Dutch"* February 27th, 1921
July 28th, 2014