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Orden Krasnogo Znameni

The Order was instituted August 1st, 1924 and was the first Sovjet Order. It first appeared in 1918 as the Order of the Red Banner of the Russian Federation and received its present name after the formation of the Union of Socialist Republics in 1922. It may be awarded to anyone, whether military or civilian or to any military unit of the USSR for conspicious bravery, self-sacrifice in war time or some action that contributed greatly to the success of the Red Army, Navy or Air Force and can be awarded more than once. The four fleets of the Soviet Navy, the Northern, Black Sea, Baltic and Pacific Fleets and the Caspian Sea Flotilla have each been awarded this Order for their service during the Great Patriotic War, 1941 to 1945.
The badge is a laurel wreath with the Red flag, bearing the words 'Proletarii vsekh stran soedinyaites'(Workers of all countries unite) in Cyrillic draped over its upper part. Within the wreath, on a white background, an image of a hammer and plow. In the centre of the wreath a red star with in its centre an image of a hammer and sickle. Below it, on a red riband the initials C.C.C.P. (Russian for USSR).

There have been different types. The types can be identified by the way they were attached. Type 1 and Type 2 were screwback versions and Type 3 and higher are suspended from a five-sided hanger. These variants can again be identified by the way the mint mark has been engraved on the back. Type 1 bears no mint mark, only a number. Type 2 bears a mint mark and a number. Types 3 and 4 can be determined because the mint mark on Type 3 has been placed in one line and on Type 4 in two. Most World War Two decorations were of Type 2 and Type 3.

Abankin, Pavel Sergeyevich* September 5th, 1902
† August 15th, 1965

Grid List
Abankin, Pavel Sergeyevich* September 5th, 1902
† August 15th, 1965

Afanasyev, Ivan Ivanovich* January 20th, 1901
† September 8th, 1952

Agaltsov, Filipp Aleksandrovich* January 20th, 1900
† June 29th, 1980

Aganov, Sergei Khristorovich* June 4th, 1917
† February 1st, 1996

Akimov, Stepan Dmitriyevich* January 11th, 1896
† October 29th, 1941

Albert, Marcel* November 25th, 1917
† August 23rd, 2010

Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Petrovich* June 8th, 1900
† January 18th, 1946

Aleksandrov, Gennadiy Petrovich* November 22nd, 1922
† January 25th, 1945
Grave: 1

Aleksenko, Vladimir Avramovich* January 27th, 1923
† June 16th, 1995

Alekseyev, Boris Andreyevich* January 3rd, 1909
† January 25th, 1972

Alekseyev, Konstantin Stepanovich* September 24th, 1914
† February 24th, 1971

Alekseyev, Vladimir Petrovich* July 15th, 1901
† November 4th, 1950

Alelyukhin, Aleksei Vasilyevich* March 30th, 1920
† October 29th, 1990

Amet-Khan, Sultan* October 25th, 1920
† February 1st, 1971

Andreyev, Aleksandr Kharitonovich* January 9th, 1903
† August 17th, 1970

Andreyev, Vladimir Aleksandrovich* December 13th, 1904
† March 28th, 1994

Andrianov, Vasily Ivanovich* August 13th, 1920
† May 4th, 1999

Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich* June 15th, 1914
† February 9th, 1984

Antipenko, Iosif Stepanovich* 1910
† April 30th, 1945

Antonov, Neon Vasilyevich* January 6th, 1907
† October 24th, 1948

Archakov, Nikolay Ivanovich* August 14th, 1913
† November 7th, 1961

Artamonov, Ivan Filippovich* March 7th, 1918
† January 5th, 1944

Arzhenukhin, Fodor Konstantinovich* July 15th, 1902
† October 28th, 1941

Aslanov, Azi Akhad ogly* January 22nd, 1910
† January 24th, 1945

Avdeyev, Mikhail Vasilyevich* September 15th, 1913
† June 22nd, 1979
Row: 9 Grave: 3