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Battle of Berlin
  • Article by Auke de Vlieger
  • Published on August 25th, 2020

Battle of Berlin

As early the summer of 1943, one thing was certain for the soldiers of the Red Army: they would end the war in Berlin at all costs. The conquest of the German capital was considered a well-deserved prize, as the fitting final phase of an unprecedented brutal and bloody war.

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† October 24th, 1996

Bormann, Martin Ludwig* June 17th, 1900
† May 2nd, 1945

Bulychev, Viktor Alekseyevich* 1913
† April 21st, 1945

Fegelein, Hans Otto Georg Hermann* October 30th, 1906
† April 29th, 1945

Goebbels, Paul Joseph* October 29th, 1897
† May 1st, 1945

Heinrici, Gotthard* December 25th, 1886
† December 13th, 1971

Hitler, Adolf* April 20th, 1889
† April 30th, 1945

Lehmann, Armin Dieter* May 23rd, 1928
† October 10th, 2008

Mohnke, Wilhelm* March 15th, 1911
† August 6th, 2001

Reymann, Hellmuth* November 24th, 1892
† December 12th, 1988

Schörner, Johann Ferdinand* June 12th, 1892
† July 2nd, 1973

Sieckenius, Rudolf* August 18th, 1896
† April 28th, 1945

Tippelskirch, von, Kurt Oskar Heinrich Ludwig W.* October 9th, 1891
† May 10th, 1957

Weidling, Helmuth Otto Ludwig* November 2nd, 1891
† November 17th, 1955

Yakovlev, Ilya Stepanovich* October 8th, 1914
† May 26th, 1945

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