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Related persons

Beech, Keyes* August 13th, 1913
February 15th, 1990
Plot: CC 2 Row: LL Grave: Niche 2

Block, Harlon Henry* November 6th, 1924
March 1st, 1945

Bradley, John Henry "Doc"* July 10th, 1923
January 11th, 1994

Gagnon, Rene Arthur* March 7th, 1925
October 12th, 1979

Hansen, Henry Oliver "Hank"* December 14th, 1919
March 1st, 1945
Plot: O Row: 0 Grave: 392

Hayes, Ira Hamilton* January 12th, 1923
January 24th, 1955
Plot: 34 Grave: 479A

Ignatowski, Ralph Anthony "Iggy"* April 8th, 1926
March 7th, 1945

Johnson, Chandler Wilce* October 3rd, 1905
March 2nd, 1945
Plot: A Grave: 811

Lowery, Louis R. "Lou"* July 24th, 1916
April 15th, 1987
Plot: 1 Grave: 6422

Severance, Dave Elliott Jr.* February 4th, 1919
August 2nd, 2021

Sousley, Franklin Runyon* September 19th, 1925
March 21st, 1945

Strank, Michael* November 10th, 1919
March 1st, 1945
Plot: 12 Grave: 7179

Thomas, Ernest Ivy Jr. "Boots"* March 10th, 1924
March 3rd, 1945

Vandegrift, Alexander Archer "Archie"* March 13th, 1887
May 8th, 1973
Plot: 2 Grave: 4965-B

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