Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

This decoration was instituted in 1918 to award any person serving in the Army, or officers and men of military forces allied to the United States, for 'having distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism against an armed enemy in circumstances which do not justify the award of the Medal of Honor'. Further acts of gallantry justifying the grant of the decoration, a bronze oak cluster is awarded to be worn on the ribbon. The decoration can also be awarded posthumously.
The cross is made of bronze with the American spread eagle on it. Below the eagle is a scroll with the inscription: 'For Valor'. The ribbon is blue with narrow white and red stripes at either edge.
The first hundred decorations that were made had the arms of the cross decorated with oak leaves, in later models the leaves are omitted.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Page, Jerry M.   
Palm, Carl C.   
Paolini, Camillus J.   
Papez, Joseph, Jr.   
Parker, Raymond M. 09-12-1944 
Parker, Robert A.   
Parks, Steve W.   
Parlandi, Louis   
Parris, Harold L.22-06-192322-08-1995 
Patrick, Edwin D.11-01-189414-03-1945 
Patterson, Lyman K.   
Patton, George Smith Jr.11-11-188521-12-1945more 
Patynski, Edward A.   
Pavlick, William E.   
Peabody, Herbert G.   
Pederson, Harold O.   
Peebles, Arthur F., Jr.   
Pence, Donald Charles "Charlie"20-08-192127-08-2003 
Pepe, Salvatore   
Peralta, Macario, Jr. "Mac"30-07-191308-08-1957 
Perkins, Norris H.05-09-1912  
Perrier, Michel   
Peters, Frederick Thornton17-09-188913-11-1942more 
Peterson, Chesley Gordon10-08-192028-01-1990more 
Peterson, Kenneth F. 00-10-1998 
Peterson, Lenold L.   
Peterson, Marvin M.08-05-192127-07-1944 
Petree, Weeden Arthur, Jr.00-00-191211-01-1942 
Pfleger, James Richard   
Philips, Vodra C.   
Pick, Robert G.   
Pieri, Francis W.   
Piersall, Thornton E.   
Pilla, Angelo E.   
Place, Eric T.   
Plante, Thomas E. 16-03-1945 
Polette, Lloyd L., Jr.08-02-191622-01-1945more 
Poling, Clark V.07-08-191003-02-1943 
Polio, James V. 29-11-1944 
Pond, Leroy R. "Fireball"   
Pool, Lafayette G. “Lafe”23-07-191930-05-1991 
Prager, Clarence12-05-191318-09-1944 
Preddy, George E. “Ratsy”05-02-191925-12-1944more 
Preneta, John J.   
Presley, William M.09-07-1919  
Preslipsky, Peter   
Price, Donald R.   
Pridgen, Robert B.   
Prince, Robert W.00-00-191901-01-2009 
Prinds, Marvin H. 18-01-1945 
Procaccini, Eugene J. 01-03-1944 
Proctor, Dale T.00-00-192430-09-1944 
Profitt, Carl D. "Chubby"00-00-1918  
Prosser, Barney H.   
Pruitt, Evrett E.   
Pryne, Gordon Clark08-01-192510-02-2006 
Pulver, Murray S.   
Pyle, Wilbur C. 08-01-1945