Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

This decoration was instituted in 1918 to award any person serving in the Army, or officers and men of military forces allied to the United States, for 'having distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism against an armed enemy in circumstances which do not justify the award of the Medal of Honor'. Further acts of gallantry justifying the grant of the decoration, a bronze oak cluster is awarded to be worn on the ribbon. The decoration can also be awarded posthumously.
The cross is made of bronze with the American spread eagle on it. Below the eagle is a scroll with the inscription: 'For Valor'. The ribbon is blue with narrow white and red stripes at either edge.
The first hundred decorations that were made had the arms of the cross decorated with oak leaves, in later models the leaves are omitted.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Mabry, George Lafayette, Jr.14-09-191713-07-1990more 
MacArthur, Douglas "Gaijin Shogun"26-01-188005-04-1964more 
MacConchie, Howard P.   
MacDonald, Charles "Mac"   
MacGillivary, Charles Andrew17-01-191724-06-2000more 
MacGowan, John R.   
Mackay, Eric Maclachan00-00-192100-00-1995 
MacKenzie, Colin F.   
MacKenzie, Donald Alexander 12-04-1945 
MacLennan, Norman H.   
MacNider, Hanford02-10-188918-02-1968 
Madsen, Ova I.   
Mahoney, John F. 06-09-1944 
Maloney, Arthur A.   
Mann, Francis   
Mann, Thomas J.   
Marez, Joe M.   
Marion, Lawrence B.   
Maroun, Autrey J.   
Marsh, John W.   
Marshall, Carley L.   
Marshall, William C. "Bill"   
Martin, Clarence A.   
Martinez, Joseph Raul   
Masny, Otto   
Masters, William W. 14-04-1945 
Masuda, Kazuo "Kaz"30-11-191827-08-1944 
Mathis, Walter W.   
Matz, Fred W.25-11-192103-01-1999 
Mayer, Arthur C.   
McAllister, Homer W.   
McAuliffe, Anthony Clement02-07-189811-08-1975more 
McCaffrey, Richard E.   
McCampbell, Robert P.   
McClain, Clifton A., Jr. 22-09-1943 
McClure, Trevlyn L. 04-06-1944 
McCollum, Paul W. 06-10-1944 
McCreary, Melvin L.   
McDonald, James L.   
McDonough, Bart T.   
McGarr, Lionel Charles05-03-190403-11-1988more 
McGee, George A.   
McGowan, Sam, Jr.00-01-192427-06-2009 
McGuire, Thomas Buchanan, Jr. "Tommy"01-08-192007-01-1945more 
McHolland, Robert B. 24-11-1944 
McInnis, John L.   
McKeever, Charles W.16-01-192426-03-2008 
McKelvey, Russell M.   
McKenna, Vincent E.   
McMichen, Quillian H. 00-09-1943 
McNamara, William W.24-10-192419-04-2002 
McQuay, Harold R.   
Meade, Robert H.   
Megellas, James "Maggie"11-03-1917 more 
Melanson, Arthur   
Mendez, Louis Gonzaga, Jr.14-07-191519-09-2001more 
Mendick, Robert E.   
Merendino, Thomas M.   
Metz, Edwin W. 26-12-1944 
Meyer, John C.00-00-191902-12-1975 
Milby, Raymond 11-10-2005 
Miller, Harvey L., Jr. 02-04-1945 
Miller, Hubert J.   
Miller, Jesse R., Jr. 21-04-1945 
Miller, Kermit C. 08-06-1944 
Milleret, Jean De   
Millett, Lewis Lee, Sr. "Red"15-12-192014-11-2009more 
Mills, Donald Clark   
Milosevich, Risto   
Mister, Theodore K. 18-06-1944 
Mitchell, Harold L.   
Mitchell, Heber G.   
Mitchell, Merle M.   
Mittleberger, Earl 28-12-1942 
Miyamoto, Fujio10-05-1922  
Mohl, John L.   
Monihan, Richard J.   
Montilio, George 19-04-1945 
Montooth, William A.   
Moody, William D. 06-06-1944 
Moore, Joseph M., Jr. 11-11-1944 
Moralez, Frank   
Moran, Robert B.   
Morere, Roderic C.   
Morrow, Jesse Lee16-09-191808-11-2000 
Morse, Verne V. 05-06-1945 
Mortensen, Frede27-07-192604-03-1993 
Morton, Dudley Walker17-07-190711-10-1943 
Morton, John R.24-06-191914-08-1996 
Moto, Kaoru25-04-191726-08-1992more 
Mucci, Henry A. "Hank"04-03-190920-04-1997more 
Muir, Marvin F.   
Mullins, Oscar M. 26-12-1944 
Mullins, Thornton L. 06-06-1944 
Munemori, Sadao S.17-08-192205-04-1945 
Muranaga, Kiyoshi K.16-02-192226-06-1944 
Murphy, Audie Leon20-06-192428-05-1971more 
Murphy, Patrick F. 15-04-1945 
Murray, Samuel J.07-12-191828-04-2004more 
Musick, Paul F.   
Muszynski, Walter J.10-05-192120-09-1944 
Muza, John W.23-01-191801-02-2010 
Myers, Cloyd G.   
Myers, Joseph F.19-06-191930-09-1944 
Myrice, Clifford B.