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Distinguished Service Medal - Navy/USMC

This medal is awarded by the President of the US to anyone in the Naval service who has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service to the Government in a duty of great responsability.
The medal is in gilded bronze, bearing the American eagle in the centre, surrounded by a blue-enamelled circle bearing the words: 'United Staes of America - Navy'.
The reverse depicts Neptune's trident within a laurel wreath surrounded by a blue circle with the text 'For Distinguished Service'. The whole is surmounted by a white-enamelled star with rays issuing from between the limbs and surcharged with a gold anchor.
The ribbon has three broad stripes of equal width, two blue stripes on the either edge and a yellow in the centre. It is symbolical for the blue and gold lace uniforms of the Navy.
The medal has been bestowed upon various British Naval officers.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Mitscher, Marc Andrew "Pete" (USN)26-01-188703-02-1947more 
Merrill, Aaron Stanton "Tip"26-03-189028-02-1961 
MacArthur, Douglas "Gaijin Shogun"26-01-188005-04-1964more 
Martin, William Inman   
McCain, John Sidney Jr.17-01-191122-03-1981more 
McCain, John Sidney, Sr. "Slew"09-08-188406-09-1945more 
McCutcheon, Keith Barr10-08-191513-07-1971more 
McNarney, Joseph Taggart28-08-189301-02-1972more 
Mitchell, Ralph J.00-00-188900-00-1970 
Mueller, Paul John16-11-189201-01-1964 
Mulcahy, Francis Patrick09-03-189411-12-1973more