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Related persons

Ball, Emory N. April 23rd, 1945

Bigelow, Elmer Charles* July 12th, 1920
February 15th, 1945

Cain, Paul J.* April 5th, 1915
August 13th, 2014

Carr, John H. (Dan) "Sleepy"* April 7th, 1921
February 16th, 1945

Centanni, Frank D. February 17th, 1945
Plot: A Row: 8 Grave: 17

Chase, William Curtis* March 9th, 1895
August 21st, 1986
Plot: PF Grave: 224

Crull, Guy Edward "The Tank Pilot"* September 29th, 1922
March 8th, 2006

Forsberg, Harold Charles* July 9th, 1921
February 14th, 1945

Foster, John Lee* January 2nd, 1913

Gulsvick, Edward* March 6th, 1913
February 16th, 1945
Plot: A Row: 15 Grave: 14

Heaberlin, Gilbert Orlan* July 16th, 1917
April 15th, 1991

Hill, Hudson C.* October 21st, 1914
November 16th, 1985
Plot: C45 

Jandro, Howard J.* January 19th, 1925
February 23rd, 1945

Jenkins, Delbert R. February 26th, 1945
Plot: D Row: 4 Grave: 47

Jones, George Madison "The Warden"* February 22nd, 1911
December 16th, 1996
Grave: 1 S-18-2

Lampman, Richard Andrew* November 25th, 1921
May 15th, 1992

McCarter, Lloyd G.* May 11th, 1917
February 2nd, 1956

Mikel, George J. February 22nd, 1945
Plot: N Row: 16 Grave: 61

Newman, Aubrey Strode "Red"* January 30th, 1903
January 19th, 1994

Puckett, Clifton L.* October 31st, 1911
February 26th, 1945

Schmidle, Harold William* February 10th, 1921
February 19th, 1945

Sheets, William R.* January 8th, 1927
February 14th, 1945

Smothers, William Franklin* 1924
February 14th, 1945

Stievenart, Rene E. February 26th, 1945
Plot: L Row: 11 Grave: 14

Tsukada, Rikichi (塚田 理喜智)* December 15th, 1892
May 19th, 1958

Turinsky, Joseph A.* March 24th, 1917
February 19th, 1945

Wadley, Cecil A. February 26th, 1945
Plot: D Row: 3 Grave: 258

White, Donald E.* May 13th, 1920
February 15th, 1945
Plot: B Grave: 387