Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Sackton, Frank J.00-00-1912  
Schimmelpfennig, Irving R. 04-02-1945 
Schrier, Harold George17-10-191603-06-1971 
Sebree, Edmund Bower07-01-189825-06-1966more 
Serff, Paul C.   
Shapley, Alan09-02-190313-05-1973more 
Shepard, Whitfield P.   
Shepherd, Lemuel Cornick, Jr.10-02-189606-08-1990more 
Sherman, Harry B.   
Shoup, David Monroe30-12-190413-01-1983more 
Silverthorn, Merwin Hancock22-09-189614-08-1985more 
Sink, Robert Frederick "Uncle Bob"03-04-190513-12-1965more 
Slaughter, Willis Richard24-08-189502-01-1981more 
Smith, Arnold W. “Yardbird”   
Smith, Aubrey Dewitt14-03-190704-10-1952 
Smith, Durand   
Smith, James O. "Cotton"   
Smith, John Lucian26-12-191409-06-1972more 
Smoot, Roland Nesbit07-05-190113-02-1984more 
Soule, Robert Homer "Shorty"10-02-190026-01-1952 
Spaatz, Carl Andrew "Tooey"28-06-189114-07-1974more 
Speidel, George Sebastian, Jr.12-04-1907 more 
Sprague, Clifton Albert Frederick "Ziggy"08-01-189611-04-1955 
Stilwell, Joseph Warren "Uncle Joe"19-03-188312-10-1946more 
Stilwell, Richard Giles "Vinegar Joe"24-02-191725-12-1991more 
Stoklasa, Emil F.   
Stovall, William Howard, Jr. "Bud"00-03-192331-12-1944more 
Stovall, William Howard, Sr.18-02-189511-05-1970more 
Stroh, Donald Armpriester03-11-189200-00-1953 
Sultan, Daniel Isom09-12-188514-01-1947more 
Sundquist, Everett Lloyd "Sunny"26-05-190904-01-1988 
Swing, Joseph May28-02-189409-12-1984more 
Syverson, Douglas W.03-08-191715-09-1997more