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Distinguished Service Medal - Army (DSM)

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Parker, Edwin Pearson, Jr.27-07-189107-06-1983more
Parker, George Marshall17-04-188925-10-1968more
Parks, Floyd Lavinius09-02-189610-03-1959
Patch, Alexander McCarrell "Sandy"23-11-188921-11-1945more
Patton, George Smith Jr.11-11-188521-12-1945more
Pershing, John Joseph "Black Jack"13-09-186015-07-1948more
Pétain, Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph24-04-185623-07-1951more
Pierson, Albert10-07-189922-02-1999
Pokryshkin, Aleksandr Ivanovich06-03-191313-11-1985more
Pollock, Edwin Allen21-03-189905-11-1982more
Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon "Peter"21-05-189322-04-1971more
Psaki, Nicholas George, Jr.11-04-191914-03-2009more