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Medal of Honor - Army (MoH)

This decoration was instituted by Congress in July 1862 for the Army. Eligible are officers and enlisted men of the Army and the Army Air Corps and the decoration is awarded for 'bravery in action involving actual conflict with the enemy' and then only to those who distinguish themselves conspiciously. The medal is different for each Service.

A bronze, five-pointed star resting on a laurel wreath, enamelled green. On each ray of the star is a green oak leaf. In the centre of the star, the head of Minerva in a circle with the inscription: 'The United States of America' The medal is suspended from a bar with the inscription 'valor'. On top of the bar is an eagle with wings spread.
The reverse of the bar shows the inscription 'The Congress to....(name of the recipient). The ribbon is light blue with thirteen white stars, representing the states from which the Union was originally formed.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Brown, Bobbie Evan, Jr.02-09-190308-11-1971more 
Baker, Addison Earl01-01-190701-08-1943 
Burr, Elmer J.11-05-190824-12-1943 
Bolton, Cecil Hamilton07-10-190822-01-1965 
Beyer, Arthur Otto20-05-190916-02-1965 
Bender, Stanley31-10-190922-06-1994 
Bell, Bernard Pious29-12-191108-01-1971 
Briles, Herschel Floyd07-02-191417-07-1994 
Bloch, Orville Emil10-02-191528-05-1983 
Bianchi, Willibald C.12-03-191503-02-1942 
Boyce, George W.G., Jr.00-00-191623-07-1944 
Baker, Thomas Alexander25-06-191612-07-1944 
Bertoldo, Vito R.01-12-191623-07-1966 
Burt, James Montross18-07-191715-02-2006 
Beaudoin, Raymond Ovila00-00-191806-04-1945 
Bjorklund, Arnold L.14-04-191828-11-1979 
Burke, Francis Xavier "Frank"29-09-191806-09-1988more 
Benjamin, George, Jr.24-04-191921-12-1944 
Barfoot, Van Thomas15-06-191902-03-2012more 
Britt, Maurice Lee "Footsie"29-06-191926-11-1995more 
Brostrom, Leonard C.23-11-191928-10-1944 
Barrett, Carlton William24-11-191903-05-1986 
Baker, Vernon Joseph17-12-191913-07-2010more 
Bennett, Edward A.11-02-192002-05-1983more 
Booker, Robert D.11-07-192009-04-1943 
Burr, Herbert Hoover "Doc"13-09-192008-02-1990 
Bong, Richard Ira24-09-192006-08-1945more 
Brittin, Nelson Vogel31-10-192007-03-1951 
Bolden, Paul Luther15-06-192221-05-1979 
Butts, John Edward04-08-192223-07-1944more 
Biddle, Melvin E. "Bud"28-11-192316-12-2010more