All American All the Way

All American All the Way
The combat History of the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II
Nordyke, P.
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Zenith Press
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St. Paul, United States
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Adams, Jonathan E., Jr. "Jock"* September 8th, 1917
September 20th, 1984

Alexander, Boyd A. September 17th, 1944
Plot: M Row: 14 Grave: 7

Alexander, Mark James* January 23rd, 1911
May 21st, 2004

Clarke, James F.* June 26th, 1920
June 13th, 1944

Combs, Rex G.* May 13th, 1912
July 3rd, 1976

Cook, Julian Aaron "Joe"* October 7th, 1916
June 19th, 1990

Dikoon, Walter September 17th, 1944
Plot: F Row: 4 Grave: 10

Funk, Leonard A. Jr.* August 27th, 1916
November 20th, 1992

Goodale, Hoyt T.* January 4th, 1920
January 29th, 1945

Gorham, Arthur Fulbrook "Art" "Hardnose"* May 11th, 1915
July 12th, 1943

Henderson, Alvin H. September 17th, 1944

Hill, Owen B. "O.B."* October 8th, 1921
June 10th, 2002

Karnap, Bernhard Emerson* May 11th, 1922

Kumler, Lyle Kay* October 16th, 1920
July 3rd, 1998

Lamm, George D.* July 7th, 1918
February 15th, 1992

Lewis, Roy B. September 17th, 1944
Plot: F Row: 3 Grave: 3

Merritt, Kenneth J. "Rock"* August 10th, 1923

Miles, George E.* 1918
August 17th, 2011

Polette, Lloyd L., Jr.* February 8th, 1916
January 22nd, 1945

Prager, Clarence* May 12th, 1913
September 18th, 1944

Rider, Richard E. (US Army)* May 29th, 1914
February 12th, 2004

Sanford, Teddy Hollis* December 31st, 1907
December 29th, 1992

Shanley, Thomas J.B. "Tom" January 10th, 2004

Sirovica, Frank L.* July 24th, 1914
December 5th, 1973

Smith, James W.* June 29th, 1920
March 5th, 2011

Taylor, Royal R. March 31st, 1992

Taylor, Stokes M. December 21st, 1944

Vandervoort, Benjamin Hayes "Vandy"* March 3rd, 1915
November 22nd, 1990

Warren, Shields, Jr.* March 21st, 1916
January 26th, 1994

Weaver, Robert J. December 1st, 1987

Wertich, Jake L. December 21st, 1944
Plot: C Row: 9 Grave: 4

Zwingman, Otto K.* July 21st, 1915
December 23rd, 1944
Plot: B Row: 44 Grave: 52