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War Office, British Government

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Sabbat, Kazimierz Aleksander27-02-191318-07-1989 
Sankey, Robert Woodall "Bob"08-04-190918-04-1975 
Saux, le, Albert03-11-192108-04-1945 
Shaw, William Boyd Kennedy26-10-190123-04-1979 
Simpson, Harold Leonard   
Simpson, William Cook   
Smalley, Christopher John 28-03-1942 
Smith, William Thomas   
Soliveau, Louis André18-03-192218-04-1962 
Sparks, William Edward05-09-192230-11-2002 
Spears, Thomas   
Stephenson, William Samuel "Little Bill"23-01-189731-01-1989 
Stirling, Archibald David15-11-191504-11-1990 
Stockdale, William Richard05-10-190700-09-1985 
Storsveen, Arvid Kristian09-07-191527-04-1943 
Strong, Kenneth William Dobson09-09-190011-01-1982more 
Sturges, Robert Grice14-07-189112-09-1970 
Stutchbury, John Forbes   
Style, Dofydd Carlyle Willoughby   
Suin, Armand F.19-09-1918  
Surtees, George00-00-189500-00-1976 
Swayne, Ronald Oliver Carless