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Australia (1901-present, Federal Monarchy)

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Adam, John Philip* April 30th, 1913
September 26th, 1943

Anderson, Charles Groves Wright* February 12th, 1897
November 11th, 1988

Armstrong, Hugo Throssell "Sinker"* June 9th, 1916
February 5th, 1943

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Kearney, James Timothy00-03-191600-02-1954 
Kelliher, Richard01-09-191028-01-1963 
Kelly, Joseph Lawrence Andrew10-03-190709-09-1970 
Kenna, Edward "Ted"06-07-191908-07-2009 
Kennedy, Robert Leslie00-00-189004-02-1942 
Kennedy, Vincent Edward   
Kibby, William Henry15-04-190331-10-1942 
Kierath, Reginald Victor "Rusty"20-02-191529-03-1944 
Kingsbury, Bruce Steel08-01-191829-08-1942more 
Kingsland, Richard ("Julius Allen Cohen")19-10-191627-08-2012 
Kirkwall-Smith, Andrew00-08-189607-01-1973 
Knight, Alfred Hilton  more 
Knight, Leslie Gordon07-03-192116-09-1943 
Knox, Keith Robert 09-11-1946 
Kyle, Alan Fairlie "Bill" 01-09-1942