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Australia (1901-present, Federal Monarchy)

Spotlighted out of 472 persons in the database

Adam, John Philip* April 30th, 1913
September 26th, 1943

Anderson, Charles Groves Wright* February 12th, 1897
November 11th, 1988

Armstrong, Hugo Throssell "Sinker"* June 9th, 1916
February 5th, 1943

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Saunders, Raymond Kenneth26-06-192016-12-1943 
Saunders, Reginald Walter "Reg"07-08-192002-03-1990more 
Savage, Eleanor   
Sayer, Raymond Oliver17-04-1924  
Schaaf, Frank Ronald22-07-191518-04-1978more 
Schuberth, William Forbes 30-07-1942 
Scott, Ernest Dallas 06-02-1942 
Seale, Mack Donald11-12-1920  
Sears, John Acheson27-12-1916  
Seymour, Lawrence Alfred 15-05-1944 
Shannon, David John27-05-192208-04-1993more 
Sheen, Desmond Frederick Burt02-10-191700-04-2001 
Sherlock, Wilfrid Holden "Bill"20-05-190829-01-1943 
Shortland, Gordon Campbell23-12-1922  
Sime, Thomas Durward Hamilton "Durward"14-12-191100-00-1994 
Simes, Keith Owen11-05-192218-04-1962 
Simpson, James William Albert26-10-189321-01-1917 
Smith, Colin George Hamilton18-07-191902-05-1941 
Smith, Geoffrey Charles Chapman   
Smith, George Frederick20-04-1905  
Smith, James Brooks Hamilton "Jimmy"07-03-192323-06-1943 
Spence, Alexander05-02-1906  
Starcevich, Leslie Thomas "Tom"05-09-191817-11-1989 
Stephenson, Basil Noel15-03-1924  
Stevens, Jack Edwin Stawell07-09-189620-05-1969more 
Stevenson, John Rowlstone07-10-1908  
Stewart, Gordon 22-08-1981more 
Sturdee, Vernon Ashton Hobart16-04-189025-05-1966more 
Suffren, Charles Edward30-01-192216-02-1945 
Sutherland, Roy Buchanan00-00-189728-09-1943 
Swain, John Fraser   
Syme, Hugh Randall28-02-190307-11-1965more