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Australia (1901-present, Federal Monarchy)

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Adam, John Philip* April 30th, 1913
September 26th, 1943

Anderson, Charles Groves Wright* February 12th, 1897
November 11th, 1988

Armstrong, Hugo Throssell "Sinker"* June 9th, 1916
February 5th, 1943

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
MacDonald, John Edward 00-00-1958more
Mackey, John Bernard16-05-192212-05-1945more
Marks, Russell "Spike"08-12-191800-00-2001
Martin, Harold Brownlow Morgan27-02-191803-11-1988more
Mason, Charles Surtees09-05-191209-05-1955
Mather, Michael Vaughan "Mike"29-07-1905 
Mathers, Francis Edwin08-11-192106-09-1943
Mathisen, Harold11-11-1892 
Matthews, Anthony William  
Matthews, Lionel Colin15-08-191202-03-1944
Mawer, Granville Allen31-10-191926-09-1943
Mayers, Howard Clive09-01-191020-07-1942more
Mc Auliffe, Leo 17-03-1945
McAlister, Eric Milton07-12-1917 
McBurnie, Donald Hindle06-04-1920 
McCarthy, Bernard Dennis  
McCormack, David William27-11-191710-08-1944
McFadden, Desmond Ronald04-12-1923 
McFadyen, James Joseph Alexander17-05-192008-12-1944
McGinty, John Joseph 04-07-1916
McGuire, John William  
McIntosh, Douglas Howie00-00-191126-06-1942
McKechnie, John Philip  
McKenzie, Charles Francis Gerald  
McKenzie, Daniel Seaforth  
McNamara, Frank Hubert04-04-189402-11-1961
McNamara, John Francis 08-12-1943
McRae, Finlay  
McSweyn, Allan Frank31-07-191824-04-1994
McWha, Reginald Douglas18-02-192016-12-1943
Meijerink, Jacobus Justinus17-02-189613-10-1917
Meijers, Hendrik08-04-188604-05-1968
Merrett, John Graham03-11-191527-09-1941
Merrett, Norman Leslie03-12-192023-12-1944
Metz, Ronald James 20-09-1946
Meyer, Francis Norman02-10-192120-02-1942
Middleton, Rawdon Hume "Ron"22-07-191629-11-1942
Milford, Edward James10-12-189410-06-1972
Miller, Ronald James21-04-191923-01-1977more
Mitchell, Andrew09-12-1907 
Morris, Alan Arthur 28-09-1942
Morris, Basil Moorhouse19-12-188805-04-1975
Morris, John Edward Harold  
Morshead, Leslie James18-09-189926-09-1959more
Mould, John Stuart21-03-191009-08-1957
Mountford, Oswald "Billy"11-12-192304-02-1945
Mowatt, William  
Mull, Alan 10-03-1943
Murray, Harold John "Harry"13-11-189822-10-1968more