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Australia (1901-present, Federal Monarchy)

Spotlighted out of 472 persons in the database

Adam, John Philip* April 30th, 1913
September 26th, 1943

Anderson, Charles Groves Wright* February 12th, 1897
November 11th, 1988

Armstrong, Hugo Throssell "Sinker"* June 9th, 1916
February 5th, 1943

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Caldwell, Clive Robertson "Killer"28-07-191105-08-1994more 
Callaway, Arthur Henry00-00-190611-12-1941 
Callinan, Bernard James02-02-191320-07-1995 
Cameron, Allan Gordon16-05-190908-06-1960 
Campbell, Sydney Peter07-05-190908-11-1942 
Cappi, Ernst Thomson   
Catanach, James28-11-192129-03-1944 
Chapman, H.T.   
Childs, Frederick Harold21-02-1914  
Chisholm, Keith Bruce22-12-191823-08-1991 
Chivas, John Clayton04-05-1925  
Chowne, Albert19-07-192025-03-1945 
Christensen, Edward Manton 23-01-1945 
Christie, Eric MacNaughton 24-09-1943 
Clare, A.W.B.   
Clarke, Thornton Vernon   
Cleary, Albert Neil16-06-192220-03-1945 
Cliff, Geoffrey John "Jack"14-08-190714-10-1988more 
Clisby, Leslie Redford 14-05-1940 
Cobby, Arthur Henry (Harry)26-08-189411-11-1955more 
Cock, Colin Edwin Abbott 25-09-1944 
Cock, John Reynolds03-03-191829-08-1988 
Coldham, Peter Abernathy18-02-191900-00-1995 
Collins, John Augustine07-01-189903-09-1989more 
Collins, Percy Alfred Syd   
Connor, Brian Anthony   
Cook, A.E.   
Cook, Frank Rene Malyon08-09-192229-08-1944 
Cooke, Leslie Charles 23-01-1945 
Corser, Edward Geoffrey Manson 02-12-1943 
Courtney, Edgar Bruce   
Crace, John Gregory "Jack"06-02-188711-05-1968 
Crook, Frank Albert   
Croot, Douglas 05-11-1942 
Cullen, Richard Nigel "Ape"05-06-191704-03-1941 
Cumming, Thomas Stephen 06-06-1942 
Curchin, John20-01-191804-06-1941 
Curr, Francis Lawrence21-06-192024-09-1944 
Cusack, Roderick Douglas Clive   
Cutler, Arthur Roden24-05-191621-02-2002more