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Military Medal (MM)

The Military Medal was established during the First World War by King George V on March 25th, 1916, a year and a half after Britain had declared war on Germany. Its inception was intended to meet the enormous demand for medals during the First World War. The medal was initially awarded to Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the army, including the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Division, for individual or associated acts of bravery which were insufficient to merit the Distinguished Conduct Medal.
A bar could be awarded for subsequent acts of bravery.
The Military Medal, which had to be recommended by a Commander-in Chief in the field, was not restricted to British or Commonwealth subjects, but foreign subjects could be awarded as well. By a warrant dated June 21st, 1916, women also became eligible for the medal for devotion to duty under fire. Conferment of the medal was announced in the London Gazette and recipients earned the right to add the letters MM to their names.
The silver medal is round with a diameter of 1,4"; the obverse depicts the head of the reigning monarch; on the reverse, the text: "For Bravery in the Field" is engraved within a wreath of laurels.
The ribbon is dark blue, 1.25 inches wide, with a narrow vertical stripe of white, flanked by two red and those flanked by two white stripes; all stripes being 0.125 inches wide.
As many as 115,600 Military Medals were awarded during the First World War, along with 5,796 first bars, 180 second bars and 1 third bar. A further 15, 000 Military Medals were awarded during the Second World War.

Abraham, Robert Colbert* November 23rd, 1921
† November 27th, 2004

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
MacCarthy, Peter Francis   
MacDonald, Albert Ernest 06-02-1945 
MacDonald, Douglas Bertram 06-06-1944 
MacLean, George29-11-191616-09-1996more 
MacLennan, Donald   
MacMaster, Allen Plumb   
MacNeill, William Howe Kirk20-10-191521-10-1944 
Maggs, Charles Henry   
Maguire, Albert Michael30-12-1922  
Mainavolau, Josefa   
Majewski, Leon  more 
Mallory, Harry 11-03-1944 
Mann, Richard   
Maraivalu, Akuila   
Marchant, Anthony John   
Marnell, Gerard   
Marriott, Eric Vincent00-00-190100-00-1993 
Marsden, Robert   
Marshall, F   
Martin, David Anderson   
Massey, John Joseph   
May, Bernard Neil   
McBride, Jack Greig   
McCairns, James Atterby "Mac"21-09-191913-06-1948 
McCartney, Alexander   
McColl, Henry   
McCorriston, Percival Reginald15-10-191801-11-2004 
Mccracken, Charles Henry Kemp00-00-190509-09-1947 
McCullagh, Alexander   
McDade, Patrick   
McDermott, John Lawrence   
McDonagh, Peter27-06-1918  
McDonough, Thomas 00-00-1980 
McDougall, John   
McFarlane, Victor Thomas 10-01-2011 
McGee, William Bruce   
McHugh, Richard   
McKinnon, Russell Theodore   
McLean, George   
McNaughton, Milton Coll   
McParlon, George Lynn 23-12-1943 
McPhail, Alexander   
McSorley, David James Hanvey12-03-1922  
Mears, Arthur   
Michael, Dennis David  more 
Miller, Ernest Morris   
Miller, Francis   
Minnis, Alfred Robertson   
Mitek, Stanislaw  more 
Moffatt, James   
Mogilski, Wladyslaw Tadeusz   
Mohammed, Khan   
Moir, Thomas04-01-191601-03-1976 
Montgomery, Stuart   
Montminy, Jean Baptiste11-11-1916  
Moorhead, Charles Hamilton   
Morgan, Gordon Harvey   
Morgan, Matthew Lawrence   
Morris, Matthew Frank 31-01-1945 
Mowatt, Charles Franklin   
Mumme, Francis George Kerr 00-00-1978 
Munday, Frederick George   
Munro, Hamish Coull   
Munroe, Russell Gerald