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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Tanzola, Vincent J. 02-04-1945
Tardy, Walter E.  
Taylor, Edmund Battele04-04-190430-04-1973
Taylor, Maxwell Davenport26-08-190119-04-1987more
Tennent, John Gardner, III10-12-190930-01-1944
Thayer, Lynn W.  
Thering, Robert G.  
Thomas, Gerald Carthrae29-10-189407-04-1984
Thomas, Myron Edgar01-03-1898 
Thrasher, Charles O.09-12-188602-09-1960more
Thrun, Fred M.30-07-189600-11-1970
Tibbets, Paul Warfield Jr.23-02-191501-11-2007more
Tochon, Loys00-00-190300-00-1998
Touart, Anthony J. 01-03-1945
Trapnell, Thomas John Hall "Trap"23-11-190213-02-2002more
Treadwell, Jack LeMaster31-03-191912-12-1977more
Trump, Herbert R. 26-01-1945
Truscott, Lucian King, Jr.09-01-189512-09-1965more
Tucker, Reuben Henry, III "Rube"29-01-191106-01-1970more
Tupper, Sevier R.00-00-189300-00-1974
Turnage, Allen Hal03-01-189122-10-1971more
Tweed, George Ray02-07-190216-01-1989