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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Caldwell, Horace K.  
Camm, Frank Ambler08-01-189516-12-1976more
Campbell, Mason E.  
Campbell, William Archibald27-12-188718-08-1971
Carlson, Roland P.  
Carney, Robert Bostwick26-03-189525-06-1990
Carpender, Arthur Schuyler "Chips"24-10-188410-01-1960more
Caruthers, James Houston24-11-190518-10-1947
Cary, Robert Webster18-08-189015-07-1967more
Castle, Frederick Walker14-10-190824-12-1944more
Cates, Clifton Bledsoe31-08-189304-06-1970more
Cavenee, Ray E.  
Chamberlin, William Charles "Bill"10-02-191628-06-1996more
Chambers, Justice Marion02-02-190829-07-1982more
Champeny, Arthur Seymour13-08-189311-04-1979more
Chantry, Allan Joseph, jr.15-04-188309-04-1959
Chase, Charles Henry14-08-191011-03-1981more
Chennault, Claire Lee06-09-189327-07-1958more
Chilson, Llewellyn M.01-04-192000-00-1981more
Chisolm, Robert E.  
Christie, Ralph Waldo30-08-189819-12-1987
Clark, Mark Wayne01-05-189617-04-1984more
Clarkson, Percy William09-12-189314-09-1962more
Clay, Lucius Dubignon23-04-189716-04-1978more
Clement, William Tardy27-09-189417-10-1955more
Clerc, Charles29-05-190802-01-1967more
Cochran, Dale Eugene12-04-191123-10-1982
Cochran, John H.  
Cody, Willard E.  
Colley, Thomas J.  
Collier, John H.  
Collins, Arthur S., Jr.06-08-191507-01-1984
Collins, Joseph Lawton "Lightning Joe"01-05-189612-09-1987more
Colson, Charles F.  
Conley, Samuel G.  
Conolly, Richard Lansing "Close-in Conolly"26-04-189201-03-1962
Cooper, Earl M.  
Cooper, Merian Caldwell24-10-189321-04-1973more
Corlett, Charles Harrison "Cowboy Pete"31-07-188913-10-1971more
Cornwall, Paul Revere17-05-191303-03-1991
Cota, Norman Daniel "Dutch"30-05-189304-10-1971more
Cotton, John W.  
Coulter, Carleton, Jr.  
Coye, John Starr, Jr. (USN)24-04-191126-11-2002
Craig, Edward A.22-11-189600-12-1994
Crawford, Joseph Brice02-07-190808-11-1987more
Cregg, James L.  
Crocker, Douglas Schocke04-03-191603-01-1958
Cromwell, John Philip11-09-190119-11-1943more
Cunningham, Robert F.30-04-192102-02-2011
Currin, Michael Samuel  
Curry, Ralph R. 12-04-2000
Cushman, Robert Everton, Jr.24-12-191402-01-1985more