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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Mabry, George Lafayette, Jr.14-09-191713-07-1990more
MacDonald, Philip J.A.02-11-191907-08-1984more
MacNider, Hanford02-10-188918-02-1968more
Macon, Robert Chauncey12-07-189020-10-1980
Maerdian, Frank R.  
Magill, Fulton W.  
Magill, Samuel Wallace  
March, Francis Andrew02-11-189502-11-1967
Marks, Edwin Hall02-07-188719-12-1967
Massello, William "Wild Bill"24-02-190703-02-1997more
Mauldin, Bill Henry29-10-192122-01-2003
McAnsh, Andrew T.  
McAuliffe, Anthony Clement02-07-189811-08-1975more
McCabe, Frank Michael  
McCain, John Sidney Jr.17-01-191122-03-1981more
McCampbell, David S. (USN)16-01-191030-06-1996more
McClusky, Clarence Wade, Jr. "Mac"01-06-190227-06-1976
McCollum, Paul W. 06-10-1944
McCutcheon, Keith Barr10-08-191513-07-1971more
McDaniel, Edward H.  
McGarr, Lionel Charles05-03-190403-11-1988more
McGovern, John B.29-05-189630-09-1975
McKenna, Francis Joseph19-03-189829-05-1969
McMillin, George Johnson02-12-188929-08-1983
McNair, Douglas C.17-04-190706-08-1944
McNarney, Joseph Taggart28-08-189301-02-1972more
McNulty, William A.  
Mendez, Louis Gonzaga, Jr.14-07-191519-09-2001more
Merrill, Aaron Stanton "Tip"26-03-189028-02-1961
Merrill, Frank Dow04-12-190311-12-1955more
Meyer, John Charles03-04-191902-12-1975more
Michaelis, John Hersey "Iron Mike"20-08-191211-11-1985more
Middleton, Troy Houston12-10-188909-10-1976
Miller, Herman Edward26-05-191425-07-2009
Millett, Lewis Lee, Sr. "Red"15-12-192014-11-2009more
Miltonberger, Butler Buchanan31-08-189723-03-1977more
Mims, Hayden P. 02-11-2011more
Mitchell, Ralph Johnson25-09-189131-05-1970more
Mitchell, Robert E.  
Mitscher, Marc Andrew "Pete" (USN)26-01-188703-02-1947more
Moore, Ned D. 08-10-1992
Moran, Edward Joseph "Mike"15-08-189320-04-1957
Morrell, Robert Edison01-08-191611-02-2009
Morris, William Henry Harrison, Jr.22-03-189030-03-1971
Morrison, George Stephen "Steve"07-01-191917-11-2008more
Moseley, George Van Horn, Jr. "Old Moe"04-01-190500-00-1976
Mucci, Henry A. "Hank"04-03-190920-04-1997more
Mulcahy, Francis Patrick09-03-189411-12-1973more
Mullinnix, Henry Maston04-07-189224-11-1943more
Murphy, Audie Leon20-06-192428-05-1971more
Murray, Charles P., Jr.26-09-192112-08-2011more
Musselwhite, Thomas David, Jr.11-04-1922 
Myers, Donald Johnson00-00-189300-00-1958
Myers, Gilbert B.