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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Parker, Edward Nelson "Butch"28-07-190415-10-1989more
Parker, Edwin Pearson, Jr.27-07-189107-06-1983more
Parks, Floyd Lavinius09-02-189610-03-1959
Parsons, William Sterling "Deak"26-11-190105-12-1953more
Patrick, Edwin D.11-01-189414-03-1945
Patton, George Smith Jr.11-11-188521-12-1945more
Payne, Frederick Rounsville, Jr.31-07-1911 
Pennebaker, Edwin P.19-05-191100-07-1993
Peterson, Chesley Gordon10-08-192028-01-1990more
Peterson, George Edmund02-04-190205-04-1989
Peterson, John Valdemar22-12-189825-05-1968
Petrovits, Eugene J.  
Petruzel, Frank  
Phillips, George Lincoln18-11-1903 
Piburn, Edwin William09-07-189528-09-1958
Pickett, Harry Kleinbeck "Pick"09-01-188819-03-1965
Pierson, Albert10-07-189922-02-1999
Pittman, Beuford A.  
Pollock, Edwin Allen21-03-189905-11-1982more
Pool, Lafayette G. "Lafe"23-07-191930-05-1991
Porter, Mackenzie E.08-05-191422-05-1992
Post, William Shuyler, Jr.  more
Pratt, Edgar A.  
Pruitt, William E.10-08-191717-05-1969
Psaki, Nicholas George, Jr.11-04-191914-03-2009more
Puller, Lewis Burwell "Chesty"26-06-189811-10-1971more
Pumphrey, A.T. "Pump"24-03-191722-12-2010more
Purdue, Branner P.