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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Haegstrom, Floyd A.  
Haislip, Wade Hampton "Ham"09-07-188923-12-1971more
Hamilton, Pierpont Morgan03-08-189804-03-1982more
Hamilton, Stephen S.  
Hanneken, Herman Henry "Hard-Hearted"23-06-189323-08-1986more
Harbour, Herbert L.  
Harding, Edwin Forrest18-09-188605-06-1970more
Harkins, Paul Donal15-05-190421-08-1984more
Harlfinger II, Frederick Joseph "Fritz"14-09-191321-12-1993
Harper, Joseph H. "Bud"01-05-190108-08-1990more
Harris, Charles I.  
Harrison, Leander H.21-07-190619-02-1961
Hart, Franklin Augustus16-09-189422-06-1967more
Haskell, Joseph Farrell01-07-190810-10-1983
Hathaway, Amos Townsend05-12-191326-08-1996
Haugen, Orin D. "Hardrock"00-00-190722-02-1945
Havard, Leon J.  
Haycock, William M.  
Hayler, Robert Ward (Sr.)07-06-189117-11-1980
Hays, George Price27-09-189207-09-1978more
Heingtes, John A. 31-03-1994more
Heintges, John A. 31-03-1994more
Herren, Thomas Wade09-08-189504-06-1985
Hester, John Hutchison11-09-188611-02-1976
Hickey, Doyle O.27-07-189220-10-1961more
Hildebrand, Harry B.  
Hill, David Lee "Tex"13-07-191511-10-2007more
Hiltabidle, William O.00-00-1896 
Hinds, John H. 18-01-1993more
Hoge, William Morris "Bill"13-01-189429-10-1979more
Holley, William C.  
Hollingsworth, John Christie12-09-190911-11-1944more
Holmes, William R.  
Hormell, Earle Lynn01-11-191431-12-1997
Hoskot, Nathaniel Ramsey10-09-191122-03-2004more
Hospital, Ralph27-01-189120-12-1972
Howard, James S.16-10-191718-10-2002more
Howe, Merle H.11-04-189630-08-1945more
Huebner, Clarence Ralph24-11-188823-09-1972more
Hughes, John Nelson28-11-190922-10-1989more
Hutchison, Charles R.