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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Fairbanks, Douglas Elton (Jr.)09-12-190907-05-2000more
Faulconer, James B.  
Fechteler, William Morrow06-03-189604-07-1967more
Fenno, Frank Wesley, Jr.11-09-190216-09-1973
Finley, Thomas Dewees02-07-189519-12-1984
Fitch, Aubrey Wray11-06-188322-05-1978
Florez, de, Luis04-03-188905-12-1962more
Fluckey, Eugene Bennett "Gene"05-10-191328-06-2007more
Flynn, Ralph M.  
Force, Carl R.  
Ford, John Martin Feeney01-02-189431-08-1973more
Fort, George Hudson23-08-189121-07-1975
Foster, John Lee02-01-1913 
Foust, Alan S.26-06-190820-03-1986
Frandsen, Earl C.00-00-190209-01-1945
Frank, Walter Hale23-04-188630-03-1968
Frederick, Robert Tryon14-03-190729-11-1970more
Freund, John Frederick27-04-191822-03-2001
Fribourg, Leonard Earl31-12-192014-08-1993more
Frisbie, Julian Neil30-11-189428-04-1963more
Frost, Laurence Hugh22-07-190223-05-1977
Fry, James C.  more
Fuller, Bert Carl04-10-190414-06-1970
Fuqua, Samuel Glenn15-10-189927-01-1987
Furr, Charles P. 25-09-1944