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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Radosevich, Charles J.  
Ramey, Howard Knox14-10-189626-03-1943more
Ramey, Ralph Lester23-06-1911 
Rankin, James B.  
Raymond, John M.  
Reed-Hill, Ellis  
Reeves, Joseph Mason "Bull"20-11-187225-03-1948more
Reilinger, Alfred15-11-190029-12-1968more
Reilly, John Randolph19-07-189816-08-1987
Reinhart, Stanley Eric15-09-189304-06-1975
Renken, Henry Algernon28-02-190820-07-1986more
Reynolds, Luther Kendrick21-08-1905 
Rice, John K.16-05-1896 
Richardson Jr., Robert Charlwood27-10-188202-03-1954more
Richardson, Robert Charlwood (Jr.)27-10-188202-03-1954
Ridgway, Matthew Bunker03-03-189526-07-1993more
Riggs, Ralph Smith20-06-189528-04-1981
Robertson, Walter Melville15-06-188822-11-1954
Robinson, John Nicholas08-05-189306-05-1978
Rochefort, Joseph John12-05-190020-07-1976
Rodes, Peter P.  
Rodgers, Bertram Joseph18-03-189430-11-1983
Rogers, Arthur H.  
Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr.13-09-188712-07-1944more
Rose, Maurice B.26-11-189930-03-1945more
Rosenblatt, Herman S.  
Ross, Frank Seymour09-03-189306-05-1970
Rossmiller, Harold R.  
Routh, John B.  
Rudder, James Earl06-05-191023-03-1970more
Ruffner, Clark Louis12-09-190326-07-1982more
Ryan, Michael Patrick30-01-191609-01-2005more