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Legion of Merit - US Military

For US Military there is no possibility to receive the Legion of Merit in one of the grades. They receive the decoration just as Legion of Merit.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Walker, Kenneth Newton "Ken"17-07-189805-01-1943more
Walker, Walton Harris03-12-188923-12-1950
Wallace, William Jennings06-08-189507-07-1977more
Wallin, Homer Norman06-12-189306-03-1984
Waltz, Welcome P.  
Ward, Robert Elwin McCraner02-02-191409-04-1980
Warder, Frederick Burdett19-03-190401-02-2000more
Warren, Shields, Jr.21-03-191626-01-1994more
Washburn, George Arthur Tappin  
Waskow, Henry Thomas24-09-191814-12-1943
Weaver, William Gaulbert24-11-188825-11-1970more
Weiss, Robert Lincoln04-04-192326-08-2015
Wendt, James R., Jr.  
Westmoreland, William Childs26-03-191418-07-2005more
Weyland, Otto Paul "Opie"27-01-190302-09-1979more
Whaling, William John "Wild Bill"26-02-189420-11-1989more
Wheeler, Raymond Albert31-07-188509-02-1974more
White Sr., Edward Higgins22-05-190107-11-1978more
White, Lawrence Kermit "Red"10-06-191205-04-2006more
Wienecke, Robert Henry18-12-190302-02-1975more
Wier, Henry Robert06-08-190928-03-1988
Wilbur, William Hale24-09-188827-12-1979more
Wilkinson, Edwin Richard23-09-190213-05-1988
Williams, Frederick A.  
Williams, Laurin L.  
Williams, Robert M.29-11-1916 
Williams, Russell Champion, Jr.  
Williamson, Francis Thomas28-04-190725-02-1988
Williamson, Raymond Eccleston Serveira01-09-189427-09-1957
Willingham, Chester Morse02-12-189530-05-1986
Willis, James Sturgis 06-04-1945
Willoughby, Charles Andrew "Sir Charles"08-03-189225-10-1972more
Wilson, Charles Stuart  
Wilson, George Barry27-03-189204-12-1949more
Wilson, Grover  
Wilson, Louis Hugh, Jr.11-02-192021-06-2005more
Wilson, Robert Y.  
Wilson, William Ritchie08-01-191113-02-1986
Wing, Leonard Fish "Red" (Sr.)12-11-189316-12-1945
Wolverton, Robert Lee05-10-191406-06-1944
Wright, John K., III  
Wright, William Leslie19-07-190220-10-1982more
Wurm, Urban J.  
Wyche, Ira Thomas00-00-188708-07-1981
Wyman, Willard Gordon21-03-189829-03-1969more