Purple Heart

The Purple Heart was instituted in 1782 by George Washington and is the first American decoration. Originally it was awarded for bravery in action, currently it is awarded to those wounded or killed in action, in the latter case posthumously.
An Oak Leaf Cluster is added when a previously wounded person already has a Purple Heart.
The decoration is a purple, heart-shaped badge with bronze edges. It depicts in relief a bust of George Washington wearing the uniform of a general in the Continental Army.
On the reverse side is the inscription: "For Military Merit" with the recipient's name below.
It is estimated that for World War II 1,076,245 Purple Hearts were awarded.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Eareckson, William Olmstead "Eric"30-05-190025-10-1966more 
Earls, Noah, W.    
Early, Glynn R. 17-08-1943 
Early, Paul D.03-06-192307-07-1944 
Earnest, Albert Kyle "Bert"01-04-191727-10-2009 
Easterbrook, Earl E.00-00-190922-10-1944 
Ebata, Tetsu02-06-191803-07-1944 
Eberle, George E. 16-05-1944 
Ebersole, Melvin, L.   
Ebey, Frank Ward18-09-190728-01-1970 
Echols, Hubert, J. 14-07-1944 
Eckman, Robert W. 04-12-1944 
Edelman, Morris   
Edelstein, Melvin L. 26-02-1945 
Edge, Lawrence Lott15-11-191218-06-1945 
Edlin, Robert Thomas   
Edmondson, Charlie K. 06-06-1944 
Edquist, Theodore C.01-06-192122-12-2012 
Edwards, James Robert00-00-192111-07-1943 
Edwards, Ray Keith11-11-192312-09-1942 
Eggert, Gerhard F.01-03-192024-05-1945 
Eggleston, Clarence 23-06-1944 
Ehlers, Walter David07-05-192120-02-2014more 
Ehrmann, John    
Eichenhorn, Seymour Seymour 00-02-2005 
Eland, Thomas, W.   
Elder, Ned S. 11-07-1944 
Elder, Virgil W.   
Elhai, Joshua Salvatore18-11-191605-03-1944 
Eliot, Marvin "Sonny"05-12-192016-11-2012 
Ellington, Roy   
Elliott, Almarion, J.   
Elliott, Henry H., Jr.   
Elliott, James W.13-04-191431-10-1944 
Elliott, John D. 20-08-1943 
Ellis, Albert M. 07-01-1945 
Ellis, Duane E. 24-03-1945 
Ellis, Ervie, D.    
Ellis, Marvin, R. W.   
Ellis, Roy31-01-192011-06-1942 
Ellis, Vernon P. 20-07-1943 
Ellison, George R.03-11-191805-03-1944 
Ellsworth, Dawson   
Elrod, Henry Talmage "Hammering Hank"27-09-190523-12-1941more 
Ely, Arthur Vincent08-03-191205-06-1943 
Emerick, Ulysses S. 03-10-1944 
Emery, Milo, W.   
Emmsley Jr., Thomas21-03-191920-04-1945 
Endecavageh, Gilbert J.19-04-192023-05-1943 
Endl, Gerald Leon20-08-191511-07-1944 
English, Raymond, J.   
Ephrem, Victor 11-08-1944 
Epperson, Harold Glenn14-07-192325-06-1944 
Epstein, Hymie Y. 01-12-1942 
Erickson, Delbert    
Erickson, Ed G.27-03-190518-09-1944 
Erkila, Leonard, W.   
Erne, Bernard M.28-03-192115-09-1942 
Ernsberger, Kenneth C.30-04-192010-12-1944 
Erskine, Graves Blanchard "Big E"28-06-189721-05-1973more 
Ervin, Arthur B. "MuMu'16-04-192205-07-1944 
Erwin, Henry Eugene "Red"08-05-192116-01-2002more 
Esposito, Nicholas02-03-192021-09-1944 
Esquibel, Daniel, Jr. 05-07-1944 
Estes, Norman B.   
Estrada, Bernadino Y. 16-12-1942 
Etchison, Earle, C.   
Euart, Elwood Joseph28-01-191426-10-1942 
Eubanks, Ray E.06-02-192223-07-1944 
Eudy, Floyd, L.   
Evans, Ernest Edwin "Chief"13-08-190826-10-1944more 
Evans, Herschel D. 05-03-1944 
Evans, Richard, H.   
Everding, William Francis12-07-191922-09-1944 
Everett, Harry S., Jr.   
Everett, John Thomas "Jack"21-06-192208-06-1944 
Everett, Warren W.01-05-192321-05-1944 
Everhart, Lee R. 12-10-1944 
Ewing, Charles, W.   
Ezell, Jim N. 21-09-1944 
Ezzo, John, A.