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Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

The German Cross (Deutschen Kreuz) is build up out of 5 separate parts and although the name suggests otherwise, it has the shape of a large 8-pointed breast star with in the center a large black swastika which is outlined in silver. The name of this award comes from this 21,5 mm big swastika. This swastika is placed upon a red-bordered silver disk and upon this red border is a golden laurel leaf wreath mounted. The golden wreath measures 39 mm across and is made out of single laurel leaves that are bounded together with a silk lint. At the bottom of the wreath is a square box with the year 1941 impressed into it. This date refers to the year of institution and from underneath this wreath emerge the eight star points. These points are chemically blackened and have the appearance of sunrays. Underneath these points is a 63 mm large silver backing plate placed which has the same shape as the award, only it’s slightly bigger so it forms the outer line of the award. At the reverse are 4 or 6 rivets visible and through the number of rivets you can recognize if the award was made in Germany or Austria. The German Crosses with 4 rivets were made in Germany and the pieces with 6 rivets in Austria. Further is there at the reverse a large width pin with a standard hook construction placed. If the award is marked with the LDO-number of the producer, then it is stamped in either the front or backside of the pin. To prevent damaging the award during combat, there was also a cloth version made. This cloth version has a metal wreath and the backing cloth colour is the same as the tunic colour of the corresponding Army branch. Fieldgrey is for the Army (Heer) and Waffen-SS, bleu-grey for the Air Force, (Luftwaffe) Marine bleu for the Navy (Kriegsmarine) and black for the Armored forces.

The German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) was awarded for bravery and outstanding achievements in combat but where the Knight’s Cross wasn’t awarded for. The recipient did however already had to own the Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1 Klasse) or Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse with swords. The exact number of times that the German Cross in Gold was bestowed is still unknow at this time.

The OKW barred/stopped by decree the awarding of the Gernan Cross in Gold for "multiple remarkable services in troop leadership" from March 10th, 1945 on.

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Saalfrank, Fritz   
Saalfrank, Georg06-12-191816-01-1945more 
Saalfrank, Max   
Saalmann, Richard   
Saalwächter, Alfred (Kriegsmarine)10-01-188306-12-1945more 
Saam, Matthäus   
Saathoff, Albert12-05-1912 more 
Saathoff, Hans-Georg   
Sablotny, Herbert20-07-1920  
Saborowski, Heinrich31-05-1914  
Saborowski, Rudolf   
Sabottki, Wilhelm09-11-191019-01-1945 
Sacha, Friedrich, 'Fritz'21-09-1915 more 
Sacher, Gerhard   
Sacher, Josef05-12-191918-11-2008 
Sacher, Otto20-02-190111-05-1945 
Sachnik, Ernst   
Sachs, Bertram   
Sachs, Günther04-05-190315-07-1962more 
Sachs, Karl   
Sachs, Karl Gustav Adolf05-02-188615-07-1952 
Sachs, Rudolf   
Sachs, Willi   
Sachse, Hans-Karl   
Sachse, Paul   
Sachsenberg, Heinz "Heino"12-07-192217-06-1951 
Sachsenheimer, Maximilian Heinrich "Max"05-12-190902-06-1973more 
Sachtleben, Hermann   
Sachtleben, Werner   
Sack, Eduard   
Sack, Kurt-Wilhelm   
Sack, Martin   
Sackersdorff, Heinz09-05-190522-04-1945 
Sadewasser, Klaus-Ulrich09-03-1922  
Sadler, Franz   
Sadowski, Friedrich   
Sadrinna, Edgar   
Saebisch, Edgar   
Sager, Helmut   
Sagorske, Erwin   
Sailer, Gert31-10-1916  
Sailer, Hans14-02-1917 more 
Saint-Paul, von, Guy   
Sajitz-Hermstein, Dr., Joseph-Alfred   
Saladin, Otto   
Salas Larrazábal, Angel   
Salb, Edgar   
Salb, Hans   
Salcher, Walter04-08-191426-06-1944 
Salden, Günther   
Salder, Franz   
Saldern-Brallentin, von, Sylvester07-02-190827-08-1967 
Saldern-Wilsnack, von, Burghardt09-03-191606-10-2002more 
Salecker, Walter   
Salengre-Drabbe, de, Hans21-10-189425-08-1944more 
Salewski, Paul   
Salewski, Walter   
Salisch, von, Horst   
Salisch, von, Wilhelm05-11-191318-03-1945 
Saller, Franz06-09-1915  
Saller, Hans   
Saller, Karl   
Saller, Sebastian   
Sallermann, Werner   
Sallmuter, Josef   
Sallwasser, Hans   
Salm, Albert   
Salman, Otto05-07-190821-04-1970more 
Salminger, Josef05-03-190301-10-1943more 
Salokat, Fritz   
Salomon, Fritz   
Salomon, Götz   
Salomon, Heinz   
Saltzwedel, Martin13-09-190601-04-1987 
Salviati, von, Ulrich22-04-189929-06-1971 
Salz, Heinz   
Salz, Wilhelm "Willi"14-09-191530-01-2011 
Salzenberg, Kurt   
Salzer, Eduard26-09-192018-06-1944more 
Salzer, Robert   
Salzinger, Alfons   
Salzmann, Alfons15-06-191427-05-1942 
Salzmann, Walter12-12-191320-02-2000more 
Samel, Horst   
Samel, Otto   
Samel, Robert   
Sammer, Josef   
Sammet, Wilhelm   
Sammetinger, Emil   
Samorski, Gustav   
Samson, Robert   
Samson-Himmelstjerna, von, Rolf   
Samwer, Ernst-Friedrich26-09-191714-10-2002more 
Samwer, Kurt-Viktor   
Sand, Kurt   
Sandau, Joachim   
Sanden, von, Hans-Georg   
Sander, Erich18-12-191515-04-1944 
Sander, Ernst   
Sander, Franz   
Sander, Friedrich   
Sander, Friedrich-Wilhelm   
Sander, Fritz   
Sander, Hans30-07-1897  
Sander, Hans Heinrich   
Sander, Heinrich  more 
Sander, Heinz   
Sander, Joachim Martin Constantin07-08-189803-11-1944more 
Sander, Karl   
Sander, Kurt   
Sander, Kurt   
Sander, Martin   
Sander, Otto07-03-191500-01-1945 
Sander, Robert   
Sander, Walter   
Sander, Walter (Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon 5)25-07-191428-04-1981 
Sander, Wilhelm   
Sander, Wilhelm (Lw-Aufklärungsgruppe)   
Sandig, Rudolf  more 
Sandmann, Hans   
Sandmann, Hermann   
Sandmeyer, Hermann   
Sandner, Herwig   
Sandner, Ignaz   
Sandner, Johann "Hans"15-10-192126-12-1983 
Sandner, Karl   
Sandow, Hermann   
Sandrock, Fritz   
Sandrock, Hans20-04-191323-09-1995more 
Sandt, Otto   
Sandten, Adolf   
Sandvoß, Günther   
Sandvoß, Herbert   
Sanio, Karl-Ludwig  more 
Sanitzer, Otto   
Sanktjohannser, Xaver   
Sann, Fritz29-07-191331-05-1972more 
Sanne, Werner05-04-188926-09-1952 
Sanner, Waldemar   
Sansonetti, Luigi22-02-188807-11-1959 
Santmann, Alfred   
Sapauschke, Hans   
Sartor, Bernhard28-02-191309-02-1975more 
Sartor, Fritz   
Sartorius, Wilhelm   
Sass, Dr., Hans   
Sassa, Hubert31-07-191911-06-1943 
Sassen, Bruno13-03-191819-06-2006 
Sassen, Gerhard   
Sassen, Wilhelm   
Satter, Gustav   
Sattig, Carl22-03-191510-08-1942 
Sattler, Edmund   
Sattler, Georg14-04-191730-08-1944more 
Sattler, Günther13-05-191326-06-1944 
Sattler, Hans   
Sattler, Karl (Grenadier-Regiment 82)   
Sattler, Lorenz   
Sattler, Ludwig   
Sattler, Robert06-12-189107-08-1978 
Satzinger, Karl-Richard  more 
Sauberg, Wilhelm   
Sauder, Max   
Sauer, Emil   
Sauer, Hermann22-01-189317-08-1979 
Sauer, Johann03-10-191519-05-1944 
Sauer, Kurt   
Sauer, Walter   
Sauer, Walter04-04-191603-03-1977 
Sauer, Werner   
Sauer-Nordendorf, Egon   
Sauerbrei, Peter   
Sauerbrei, Rudolf18-05-191922-07-2007more 
Sauerbrey, Johannes20-10-189307-01-1982 
Sauerbruch, Peter06-06-191329-09-2010 
Sauerland, Heinz15-02-1923  
Sauerland, Willi   
Sauermann, Otto   
Sauermann, Wolfgang   
Sauermilch, Kurt   
Sauerwald, Hermann   
Saul, Heinrich   
Saupe, Kurt   
Sauren, Johann30-07-191405-07-1944 
Sausel, Adolf   
Sausgruber, Alto19-01-192002-01-1945 
Sausmikat, Werner   
Sauter, Alexander   
Sauter, Jordan16-12-191402-01-1978 
Sauter, Josef11-06-192209-03-1944more 
Sauter, Wilhelm22-06-190900-08-1944 
Sautermeister, Wilhelm   
Sauthof, Karl-Heinz   
Sautter, Emil   
Sautter, Franz   
Sautter, Hans   
Sauvant, Bernhard August Ferdinand25-03-191015-04-1967more 
Sauvant-Siegert, Jürgen   
Sawade, Alfred   
Sawallisch, Erwin   
Sawatzki, Alfred   
Sawatzki, Otto19-07-191715-08-1944more 
Sayn-Wittgenstein, Prinz zu , Heinrich14-08-191621-01-1944more 
Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Prinz zu, Ludwig04-04-191022-11-1943more 
Saynisch, Paul   
Sborowski, Richard24-05-191412-10-1943more 
Scappini, Hans28-04-191208-06-1944more 
Schaab, Karl  more 
Schaack, Heinrich   
Schaad, Johann   
Schaaf, Edgar   
Schaaf, Paul   
Schaal, Ferdinand07-02-188909-10-1962more 
Schaal, Kurt29-02-1892 more 
Schaar, Paul-Heinrich Gerhard05-03-191924-01-1983 
Schaar, Wilhelm   
Schaarschmidt, Georg (Grenadier-Regiment 32)   
Schaarschmidt, Gottfried (Fallschirmjäger-Reg.)   
Schaarschmidt, Richard (Kampf-Geschwader 27)19-04-191610-12-1943 
Schaarschmidt, Siegfried (Kampf-Geschwader 55)   
Schaarschuh, Helmut20-01-191318-08-1989 
Schabehorn, Heinz   
Schabel, Max (Heeres-Pio.Bat.741)   
Schabel, Rudolf   
Schabel, Virgil (Aufklärungsgruppe 11)17-02-191721-06-2012more 
Schabl, Anton   
Schablowski, Walter   
Schablowski, Walter   
Schabram, Hubert   
Schach, Gottlob   
Schacher, Kurt20-02-191415-02-1995 
Schachinger, Ernst   
Schacht, Gerhard "Eule"06-04-191607-02-1972 
Schacht, Heinz19-11-191711-01-2000more 
Schacht, Robert   
Schacht, Wilger   
Schachtschabel, Wilhelm (KG 51 'Edelweiss')14-02-191629-02-1944 
Schachtschneider, Erich (Pionier-Bataillon 627)   
Schack, Günther12-11-191714-06-2003more 
Schack, von, Axel   
Schack, von, Malte17-04-191517-10-1943 
Schacke, Hans26-12-1894 more 
Schackert, Friedrich   
Schad, Friedrich (Kriegsmarine)23-10-1907  
Schade, Eberhard20-02-191801-03-1945 
Schade, Engelbert23-10-1912  
Schade, Erich   
Schade, Hans   
Schade, Helmut   
Schade, Helmuth  more 
Schader, Herbert   
Schadt, Emil (Pz.Jg.Abt. 35)18-07-191816-02-1945 
Schaedler, Karl24-05-1920  
Schaefer, Alfred   
Schaefer, Erich23-12-191526-01-1945 
Schaefer, Erich (Schützen-Regiment 52)30-05-191418-06-1988 
Schaefer, Hans   
Schaefer, Horst   
Schaefer, Kurt   
Schaefer, Kurt   
Schaefer, Walter   
Schaeffer, Ernst   
Schaeffer, Wilhelm06-02-190324-02-1984 
Schaelte, Otto   
Schaer, Ernst   
Schafelner, Dr., Walter   
Schafferus, Ernst   
Schaffitzel, Siegfried   
Schaffmaier, Kurt   
Schaffner, Ottomar   
Schaffner, Wilhelm   
Schafmayr, Hermann02-04-1915  
Schahn, Erich   
Schake, Helmut24-02-191901-03-1945 
Schalanda, Johann 'Hans' Franz 'Bazi' (SG 1)07-02-192126-03-1945more 
Schalber, Josef   
Schalk, Hermann   
Schalk, Otto   
Schalke, Jürgen (KG 53 'Legion Condor')07-01-192001-01-1943 
Schall, Franz01-06-191810-04-1945 
Schall, Ludwig   
Schallenberg, Rudolf28-11-191916-07-2013 
Schaller, Emil   
Schaller, Friedrich Andreas "Fritz"14-07-191001-02-1942 
Schaller, Max   
Schalles, Karl   
Schalles, Walter27-01-191520-10-1982 
Schalon, Wilhelm   
Schamberger, Karl (Infanterie-Regiment 217)   
Schamberger, Venantius (Pionier-Bataillon 212)   
Schammler, Hans-Joachim   
Schanbacher, Karl   
Schandl, Hedmar-Ingomar   
Schanne, Edmund   
Schantz, Heinrich   
Schanz, Bruno   
Schanze, Wilhelm   
Schanzenberger, Walter (SS-Polizei-Regiment 16)   
Schaper, Bodo   
Schaper, Erwin   
Schaper, Friedrich   
Schaper, Friedrich (Lw-Wettererkundungsstaffel)   
Schaper, Heinrich   
Schaper, Hermann   
Schaper, Hermann   
Schaper, Otto   
Schaper, Siegfried21-04-191520-09-1944 
Schappe, Wilhelm   
Schapper, Dr., Theodor   
Schareina, Emil25-07-191520-09-1985more 
Scharf, Hagen   
Scharf, Heinz22-04-192013-07-2001 
Scharf, Johannes   
Scharf, Josef   
Scharf, Konrad25-07-191611-01-2005 
Scharfe, August   
Scharfe, Reinhold02-10-192022-08-1943 
Scharfetter, Oskar   
Scharff, Heinrich17-12-192024-11-2014 
Scharffetter, Hans   
Scharinger, Josef01-12-191816-04-1944more 
Scharlow, Dr., Ulrich29-03-1898 more 
Scharmann, Wilhelm   
Scharnow, Fritz   
Scharnweber, Herbert   
Scharr, Dr.Dr., Erwin   
Schasche, Wilhelm "Willi"06-01-192121-11-2012 
Schassner, Kurt03-03-191421-10-1985 
Schaten, Heinrich10-04-191521-12-1996more 
Schatta, Karl-Heinz   
Schattauer, Karl   
Schattschneider, Walter (Pz.Gren.Reg. 25)   
Schatz, Bruno24-06-189403-12-1974 
Schatz, Erich   
Schatz, Walter   
Schatz, Werner   
Schatzl, Alois   
Schaub, Walther   
Schauder, Paul27-04-192122-01-2004 
Schaudienst, Reimar   
Schauen, Bernd   
Schauer, Hans   
Schauer, Oskar   
Schauf, Bruno   
Schaufelberger, Ernst (Stu-geschütz-Abteilung 189)   
Schaufelberger, Friedrich (Pz-Gren.Reg.103)   
Schaufler, Wilhelm   
Schaum, Karl   
Schaumann, Horst (Grenadier-Regiment 2)17-06-191525-02-1981 
Schaumberg, Freiherr von, Heinrich18-07-191328-01-1945 
Schaumkell, Heinrich   
Schaumlöffel, Heinrich   
Schaupensteiner, Paul-Friedrich   
Schaus, Jakob   
Schauwecker, Heinz-Eugen17-09-191920-07-2005 
Schauß, Wolfgang28-11-191200-08-1944 
Schawe, Anton   
Schech, Hans   
Scheckenbach, Ferdinand19-11-1918  
Scheckenbach, Ignaz   
Sched, Josef19-09-1907 more 
Schedel, Kurt   
Schedel, Max   
Scheel, Günter23-11-192116-07-1943 
Scheele, Heinrich   
Scheele, Helmut   
Scheer, Claus   
Scheer, Heinrich   
Scheer, Hermann   
Scheer, Jürgen   
Scheer, Karl   
Scheeren, Wilhelm   
Scheerle, Paul   
Schefer, Paul   
Scheffe, Karl   
Scheffel, Kurt   
Scheffel, Rudolf09-07-191418-12-1983 
Scheffer, Hans-Heinrich   
Scheffer-Boichorst , Paul06-06-1909  
Scheffler, Erich   
Scheffler, Heinz   
Scheffler, Joachim18-01-1920  
Scheffler, Johann   
Scheffler, Kurt20-08-189706-05-1955more 
Scheffler, Kurt   
Scheffler, Rudolf   
Scheffler, Siegfried   
Scheffold, Konrad18-08-190809-07-1944 
Scheibe, Erwin   
Scheibe, Gerhard06-04-191721-01-1944more 
Scheibe, Siegfried24-05-191617-04-1945more 
Scheibel, Bruno, Heinrich, Alois02-01-191529-01-1945more 
Scheiber, Erich   
Scheibert, Horst29-09-191808-03-2010more 
Scheibitz, Otto   
Scheible, Karl   
Scheibler, Josef07-10-191915-09-1944more 
Scheid, Dr., Paul   
Scheid, Maximilian   
Scheidemann, Friedrich-Wilhelm05-06-191711-01-2007more 
Scheider, Herbert (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 93)   
Scheidgen, Karl   
Scheidhauer, Wilhelm (Kriegsmarine)   
Scheidig, Albert03-03-191510-08-2002more 
Scheidig, Rudolf   
Scheidt, Walter   
Scheil, Eberhardt   
Scheimann, Kurt   
Scheinert, Erich   
Scheit, Adolf22-07-1918  
Scheithauer, Walter   
Scheiwe, Siegfried   
Schelchshorn, Otto   
Scheler, Ernst   
Scheler, Richard   
Schelhorn, Fritz09-01-191530-06-1992 
Scheliha, von, Ernst-Günter   
Scheliha, von, Manfred   
Schelinski, Werner   
Schell, Werner   
Schellack, Ernst   
Schellack, Horst25-06-1923 more 
Schellberg, Erich   
Schellenberg, Wilhelm   
Schellenberg, Wilhelm   
Scheller, Walther27-01-189221-07-1944more 
Scheller, Willi   
Schellert, Otto   
Schellhaas, Heinrich   
Schellhammer, Bruno   
Schellhorn, Burkhard06-04-192010-01-2016 
Schellmann, Holm   
Schellong, Conrad07-02-191007-02-1992 
Schellong, Hans13-05-192022-05-1944 
Schellongowski, Alfred   
Schellscheidt, Johann   
Schellwat, Fritz   
Schellwitz, von, Friedrich   
Schelm, Walter   
Schember, Fritz30-01-1918  
Schemm, Günter14-08-192011-04-1945 
Schemmel, Alfred (Kriegsmarine)28-04-190031-12-1942 
Schemmel, Günther22-12-190418-11-1990 
Schemmel, Richard   
Schenck, Alexander   
Schenck, Heinz-Walter   
Schenck, Karl-Adolf (Gebirgs-Art.Reg.94)07-10-1896 more 
Schenck, von, Richard (Kriegsmarine)00-00-1904  
Schenck, Wilhelm (U-Boot)   
Schencke, Werner   
Schenckendorff, von, Max24-02-187506-07-1943more 
Schendel, Dieter07-09-1915 more 
Schenek, Kurt   
Schenk zu Schweinsberg, Freiherr von, Hans   
Schenk, Arnold12-06-189402-04-1968 
Schenk, Ernst   
Schenk, Hans-Joachim   
Schenk, Herbert   
Schenk, Josef   
Schenk, Matthias   
Schenk, Max   
Schenk, Otto (Kriegsmarine)17-02-189119-12-1972more 
Schenk, Otto (Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 120)   
Schenk, Siegfried   
Schenk, Volker   
Schenke, Erich (Kriegsmarine)02-05-1898  
Schenke, Karl   
Schenke, Max   
Schenkel, Joachim   
Schentke, Georg23-11-191925-12-1942 
Schenzel, Karl-Georg05-12-192130-12-1943 
Schepp, Theodor   
Schepull, Otto   
Scherbaum, Max (Kampf-Geschwader 55 'Greif')   
Scherenberg, Jürgen   
Scherenberg, Rolf27-05-189710-06-1961more 
Scherer, Albrecht   
Scherer, Egon   
Scherer, Eugen   
Scherer, Friedrich22-01-1895  
Scherer, Fritz26-08-191008-05-1998more 
Scherer, Hanfried   
Scherer, Hans   
Scherer, Hans-Kurt   
Scherer, Josef   
Scherer, Michael   
Scherer, Paul-Albert23-11-191816-03-2014 
Scherer, Philipp11-12-1921  
Scherf, Kurt   
Scherf, Walter21-02-191707-04-2003more 
Scherfling, Karl-Heinz06-09-191821-07-1944 
Scherg, Hans   
Scherg, Johannes16-05-191822-12-1997more 
Schermer, Ernst-Dieter   
Scherr, Ludwig   
Scherr, Philipp   
Scherra, Alfred   
Scherrmann, Johann   
Scherwat, Hans   
Schettler, Wolfgang