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U.S. Army Air Forces

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abbott, Earl L. "Abby"08-01-191924-01-1945more 
Abdallah, John E. "Ed"   
Able, Johnnie J.   
Ackerman, Harry17-08-191913-04-2015more 
Adams, Charles B. 05-06-1945 
Adams, Clifford B.   
Addy, Floyd E.20-06-191914-06-1944 
Aho, Augustus07-10-192020-12-1943 
Akin, John H.19-01-192209-05-1944 
Akin, John Herbert (Sr.)00-00-191725-02-1945 
Albright, Dewey E.   
Alexander, Bruce C.10-01-192206-12-1944 
Alexander, Charles Reed13-01-191725-02-1944 
Alison, John Richardson (Johnny)21-11-191206-06-2011 
Alleckson, Theodore A.00-00-191717-07-1942 
Allen, Clyde T.   
Alterio, Ernest09-06-191228-12-2003 
Altman, Fredric Gans10-02-191708-09-2002 
Anderson, Allan S. 19-03-1944 
Anderson, Burton J. 00-00-1977 
Anderson, Clarence Emil "Bud"13-01-1922 more 
Anderson, Lowell A.19-06-191808-05-1942 
Anderson, Richard C. 22-02-1944 
Anderson, Trevor Maxwell  more 
Andersz, Tadeusz27-10-191829-10-2007more 
Andrews, John A.C.   
Anema, Theodore   
Angel, Camillus   
Antone, Ferris J. 26-08-1942 
Apple, Albert B.03-08-192404-11-1945 
Armstrong, Daniel C.   
Arnold, Dale F. 07-04-1944 
Arnold, Ellis E. (Jr.) 15-12-1942 
Arnold, Henry Harley "Hap"25-06-188615-01-1950more 
Ash, Merlin T.30-06-192224-09-1944 
Atkinson, Robert Edward "Ed"18-03-192029-03-1943