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Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer

Formally this version is known as Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges, mit Schwertern.

This bronze coloured version carries swords to the common design and a Laurel wreath.
It was awarded tot those who were in active military duty during battle on land, by sea or in the air. Known is that 6.202.883 examples were awarded, not included those who were still in active duty. Therefore the total number must be much higher. Until 1944 the award was still awarded. There are black versions of the decoration known.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Adam, Wilhelm   
Adametz, Johann10-04-187906-05-1963 
Arnauld de la Periére, von, Lothar18-03-188624-02-1941more 
Auleb, Helge01-03-188714-04-1964 
Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow, Gustav11-07-188708-02-1967more 
Andrae, Alexander27-04-188803-04-1979more 
Arnold, Alfred (SS-Brigadeführer)16-06-188827-05-1960more 
Arnauld de la Periére, von, Friedrich17-06-188812-10-1969 
Asmus, Georg07-10-1888 more 
Albrecht, Kurt24-02-188902-09-1968more 
Arnim, von, Hans-Jürgen04-04-188901-09-1962more 
Angelis, de, Maximilian02-10-188906-12-1974more 
Altrichter, Dr., Friedrich03-09-189014-04-1949 
Adler, Hermann22-11-189026-01-1967 
Allmendinger, Karl03-03-189102-10-1965more 
Amann, Max24-11-189110-03-1957more 
Altstötter, Josef04-01-189213-11-1979 
Apell, von, Wilhelm16-01-189207-03-1969more 
Arning, Karl Eduard Friedrich10-02-189217-11-1964 
Arndt, Karl Hermann10-03-189230-12-1981more 
Adam, Paul23-03-189201-12-1969more 
Arnim, von, Hans-Jochen17-01-189301-04-1972 
Alberts, Otto22-02-189310-12-1943more 
Angern, Günther05-03-189302-02-1943more 
Abernetty, Otto08-03-189302-07-1940 
Adam, Wilhelm28-03-189324-11-1978more 
Autti, Pietari Aleksanteri17-08-189323-10-1959more 
Anders, Carl Ulrich Ernst Paul31-08-189328-01-1972 
Alberti, von, Konrad17-07-189401-08-1967more 
Abraham, Erich Gottfried27-03-189507-03-1971more 
Arenstorff, von, Hans-Adolf18-10-189505-05-1952 
Albrecht, Kurt (WH-Artillerie)26-12-189523-07-1966more 
Adam, Kurt (WH-Generalmajor)08-07-189724-01-1973 
Alvermann, Gustav09-10-189707-06-1942more 
Akt, Erich03-07-1898  
Andreae, Wolf13-07-189818-12-1991more 
Aschoff, Dr., Albrecht11-04-189911-08-1972more