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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Adams, John Joseph William* October 30th, 1921
† September 11th, 1942
Row: 14 Grave: 31

Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig* 1917
† February 28th, 2008

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Taje, Melvin Joseph  
Tamblyn, Hugh Norman Donald00-00-191703-04-1941
Tanner, Stanley Charles17-05-190406-05-2004
Tatler, Harold John Mason24-04-191715-01-2009more
Taylor, Donald Allan 22-06-1944
Taylor, Garth Shearly00-00-192204-10-1943
Taylor, Kenneth Elder  
Taylor, Richard Winter01-01-192014-03-1943
Teece, John Herbert  
Temke, William Henry 08-10-1944
Tennant, Mark27-06-191329-12-1997more
Terry, Fred William  
Tessier, Joseph Wilfrid Leandre00-00-1918 
Tessier, René Joseph  
Tetreault, Rene00-00-189819-08-1942
Thiessen, Arley Henry18-12-191803-02-1943
Thomas, John Wallace00-00-188800-00-1965
Thomas, Murray Percy  
Thomas, William David00-00-190808-06-1944
Thompson, Edward Carson19-08-1918 
Thompson, John00-00-1919 more
Thompson, John Allen 08-06-1944
Thomson, James Austin13-11-192214-05-1943
Thomson, Sydney Wilford14-11-191408-11-2008
Thorpe, Leslie Amos00-00-192322-02-1945
Tighe, Henry Dolphin Patrick  
Tilston, Frederick Albert11-06-190623-09-1992
Tinsley, Robert Earl  
Todd, Percy Arthur Stanley00-00-189800-00-1996
Tomczak, Marcel Emmett 25-07-1943
Topham, Albert19-08-190220-11-1947
Topham, Frederick George "Toppy"10-08-191731-05-1974more
Townsend, Raymond Leonard Beecher24-07-1912 
Trainor, Hugh Charles "Charlie"17-07-191604-07-2004
Treadwell, William Henry21-11-191901-08-1942
Triquet, Paul02-04-191008-08-1980more
Trudeau, Maurice Joseph  
Tubb, Charles Stuart Thorne  
Tucker, Harry Vincent06-09-191523-05-1979
Turley, Wilfred04-04-191515-12-1941
Turner, Frederick William  
Turner, Herbert Albert13-04-191916-12-1943
Turner, Roger 29-09-1939
Turner, Thomas Duncan30-04-191517-06-1944
Tuttle, Norman Eugene20-08-191616-03-1964