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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Albert, Earl Thomas* March 1st, 1920

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Cabeldu, Frederick Norman00-00-190512-06-1976 
Caine, John Todd02-09-192000-00-1995 
Calow, Thomas Arthur   
Cameron, John Allan   
Campbell, Arthur William11-04-192019-08-2010 
Campbell, Hanlan Donald Richard Leroy30-09-191814-05-1943 
Campbell, John Allan02-07-1913  
Campbell, Joseph William08-05-192108-04-1945 
Campbell, Minnie Julia Beatrice18-06-186203-11-1952more 
Campbell, Robert McNeil29-11-192300-11-1985more 
Campion, George Alexander23-01-191123-05-1944 
Capelle, William Abram   
Cardy, William Harry   
Carey, Rex   
Carlon, Thomas Edward09-09-191716-08-1950 
Carmichael, Gordon Thomas 09-07-1943 
Caron, Roger   
Carričre, Jean Charles   
Carsley, Cecil Frank   
Carson, Frederick Lyall19-11-190526-09-1980 
Carson, Sidney Thomas 27-02-1945 
Carter, Charles Murray08-08-1919  
Carter, Thomas LeMesurier   
Cartmell, James Henry18-09-192224-02-2017more 
Cary, David Arthur 18-08-1944 
Casey, Frank Thomas Leslie   
Caya, George Louis   
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon "Chad"21-08-191913-06-1944 
Chaffey, Charles Donald00-00-191900-00-1989 
Challice, Clifford Lloyd   
Chambers, Alan   
Champlain, Joseph Paul Emile de   
Chance, Peter Goodwin  more 
Chandler, Thomas Francis00-00-191905-04-1975more 
Chaplin, Harold Roe   
Chapman, Garbut   
Chappell, Edward William23-05-192121-06-1982 
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack"06-02-191905-11-1986 
Chater, Hartley Ernest00-02-190300-00-1983 
Chaulk, Walter   
Cherry, Frank Arthur28-04-192110-04-1945 
Chicoski, William   
Chretien, George Theodore   
Christian, Alexander Sutherland12-10-191628-01-1996 
Christie, George Patterson "Pat"01-10-191705-07-1942 
Christie, James Oliver29-11-192203-04-1944 
Christmas, Bev00-11-1919  
Churchill, Joseph Ronald00-00-192329-01-2009 
Churchill, Rae Edward04-05-192004-12-2018 
Cibbs, Eric Leon   
Clancy, John Anthony27-08-191817-03-2008 
Clare, David Wesley13-01-191511-01-1996 
Clark, George Stanley   
Clark, Reginald Percival "Slug"   
Clark, Samuel Findlay "Fin"17-03-190903-09-1998more 
Clarke, Denis Montague00-00-191700-06-2006 
Clarke, Lewis Gordon   
Clarry, John Hamilton Cameron   
Clay, Francis James   
Clermont, Justin Gerard11-11-192107-05-1944 
Clibbery, Alexander   
Cochran, Francis Eric   
Cochrane, Arthur Charles27-04-191931-03-1943 
Cochrane, Homer Powell "Cockers"00-00-1914  
Cochrane, Walter Arthur   
Codlin, William Thomas   
Coffey, Jesse Ray16-04-1921  
Coldron, George Edward Cragg00-00-192014-09-1942 
Cole, Edward Frederick   
Coleman, John Ronald 08-12-1941 
Coleman, Rowan Corry22-06-191521-09-1996 
Collishaw, Raymond22-11-189328-09-1976 
Conde, John Alexander Harcourt "Jack"00-00-191000-00-1964 
Connor, Clare Arthur Hovendon10-05-191304-11-1940 
Conochie, William Charles   
Conroy, Robert Fitzgerald 24-03-1944 
Conway, John James   
Conway, Lewis John   
Conway, Victor George Henry 06-06-1944 
Cook, Robert Geoffrey 04-12-1943 
Cooke, Jackson Chartis24-03-192429-11-1944 
Coombe, Edwin George   
Cooper, Norman   
Cooper, Percy Stewart   
Corbett, John Harper   
Corbett, Vaughan Bowerman24-03-191120-02-1945 
Corlick, A.   
Cormack, Eric Wyld   
Corrigan, John Francis   
Cosens, Aubrey21-05-192126-02-1945 
Counsell, John Gibbons 00-00-1965 
Cousins, Sidney John 22-07-1943 
Coveyduck, Walter Richard   
Cowan, Leonard Elliot06-06-191002-09-1973 
Cowan, Rex   
Cowan, William James Henry   
Cox, Graydon Otto   
Crabe, William Eugene26-10-192210-09-2009 
Crabtree, Lorne Walter Kay   
Craig, John Archibald Douglas   
Craigen, Thomas00-00-191900-00-2004 
Cramer, Lawrence George29-09-192027-10-1988 
Cranston, Frederick William   
Crerar, Henry Duncan Graham "Harry"28-04-188801-04-1965more 
Crew, Basil Glynn 05-01-1945 
Crockett, Clarence Kenneth31-10-191900-11-2002 
Crofton, Desmond Gerald10-07-190400-00-1977 
Crozier, David MacLeod15-06-191513-01-1943 
Crozier, Gordon Cecil00-00-192000-00-1991 
Cuddie, Lloyd William   
Culling, John William   
Cunningham, Douglas Gordon "Ben"00-00-190818-07-1992 
Currie, David Vivian08-07-191224-06-1986more 
Currie, John McGill