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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
January 22nd, 1990

Albert, Earl Thomas* March 1st, 1920

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NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Fallon, Francis Charles   
Falloon, Hugh Philip07-11-191305-05-1945 
Farmer, George Richard Devey   
Farquharson, Donald Gordon Joubert   
Farquharson, John Ernest07-04-191711-10-1968 
Faulkner, George Vermilyea15-06-190823-03-1955more 
Faulks, Robert Boyne   
Fauquier, John Emilius19-03-191903-04-1981more 
Fawcett, George Malcolm   
Faye, Thomas de17-11-191700-00-1999 
Fee, Clarke John00-00-191517-01-1943 
Fehr, David   
Femia, Salvatore Val 05-10-1994 
Ferguson, John Alexander00-00-190900-00-1946 
Ferris, William Donovan Swanzy00-00-1911  
Field, Norman George Victor   
Fines, Edgar Stewart 30-05-1944 
Finlayson, Douglas Malcolm12-05-192425-12-2008 
Firlotte, Wallace Edmond   
Fisher, Keith Herman   
Fisher, Robert Frank 20-10-1843 
Fitz-Gibbon, Maurice Archibald   
Fitzgerald, Gerald William 03-08-1943 
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Morris   
Flannery, John Francis   
Fleck, William Paul 14-01-1999 
Fleming, Mervyn Matthew23-12-191400-00-1990 
Fletcher, Andrew William27-01-191500-00-1978 
Fletcher, John Palmer 15-06-2007 
Floody, Clarke Wallace Chant "Wally"28-04-191825-09-1989 
Flowers, John Robert   
Fockler, Edwin Wesley   
Foote, John Weir05-05-190402-05-1988 
Forbes, Jacques Jean-Charles "Charly"19-03-192119-05-2010more 
Forbes, John Brooke "Jack"04-07-192007-05-2013 
Forbes, Robert Borden   
Ford, Charles George "Chuck"02-08-192111-02-1995 
Ford, Leslie Sydney "Sid" 04-06-1943 
Foster, Harry Wickwire02-04-190216-08-1964more 
Foster, Herbert Ernest   
Foster, Raymond Donald05-05-191918-10-1944 
Foster, William Peter   
Foulkes, Charles03-01-190312-09-1969more 
Fox, Gardie William04-09-192007-10-1997more 
Foy, Willy   
Frank, Murray Arthur   
Fraser, Charles Birnie   
Fraser, Robin Bothwell   
Freeland, Harry   
Friyia, Joseph Christopher   
Friyia, Joseph Christopher "Joe"   
Frizzell, Charles George "Chip"03-10-192129-09-2014 
Frizzell, Hazen Thomas   
Froggett, Elbert Louis   
Frost, Alfred Leo   
Frost, Ernest Ralph Clyde22-07-191728-07-1969more 
Frost, Reginald William21-05-1885  
Fullen, James   
Fulton, John "Moose" 29-07-1942 
Fulton, Lockhart Ross "Lochie"00-00-191721-10-2005 
Fumerton, Robert Carl "Moose"20-03-191310-07-2006 
Funk, Jacob Klippenstein02-06-1920