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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
January 22nd, 1990

Alexander, Edward Sudbury January 14th, 1944

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Waddell, Robert Charles Arthur06-07-191505-04-1975 
Walker, Daniel Revie20-11-191717-11-2001 
Walker, Harold Allen   
Walker, James Arthur "Jim"00-00-191808-02-1944 
Walker, James Elmslie04-04-191925-04-1944 
Wallace, Ivan James Vincent23-04-192023-01-1945more 
Walsh, Geoffrey19-08-190003-04-1999 
Walsh, Peter Thomas   
Walsh, William James "Billy"20-01-191707-10-1971more 
Walterson, Harley26-02-191203-09-1986 
Warburton, Robert William   
Ward, Leslie David05-02-192013-02-1972 
Wardle, Howard Douglas15-08-191500-01-1995 
Ware, Cameron Bethel09-08-191300-00-1999 
Warren, Trumbull   
Watkin, Thomas18-11-1913  
Watkinson, James Lester 16-11-1942 
Watling, Ernest Fowlie   
Watson, William de Norban "Bucko"00-10-191906-02-1992 
Watt, Charles Anderson05-11-1919  
Watts, Jack Vincent00-00-1920 more 
Waugh, James Harry   
Waugh, Nicol Robert "Bob"22-07-1908  
Webb, David Arthur11-01-192221-09-1944 
Webb, Joseph Leroy24-04-191924-03-1997 
Webster, Frederick "Dick"   
Wedd, William Basil01-05-189006-11-1966more 
Weir, John Walter   
Wellburn, Dennis Crosby00-00-191301-09-1943 
Welsh, George Arthur "Tiger"28-07-189616-02-1965 
Wernham, James C. 30-03-1944 
Westbrook, George   
Whelan, James Roger29-04-191408-03-1985 
Whitacre, James Allan William   
Whitaker, William Denis27-02-191530-05-2001 
White, Edward Kenneth Eddie11-12-192225-07-1943 
White, Franklyn Everhart   
White, Samuel Ralph   
Whiteside, William Garrison11-12-1912  
Whitham, James   
Whittaker, James Edward   
Whittall, Hubert Richard   
Widdis, George Herving   
Wigle, Frederick Ernest11-07-191314-04-1945 
Wiley, George William 31-03-1944 
Wilkesman, Bernard Wilhelm   
Williams, Lloyd  more 
Williams, Vernon Albert   
Williamson, Leonard Franklin   
Wilmot, Laurence Frank27-04-190717-12-2003 
Winhold, Lloyd Christian   
Winthrope, William James 28-03-1942 
Wolfe, Denzil Lloyd14-03-191714-07-1943 
Wolfe, Richard George   
Wolfe, Robert Rubin   
Wong, Gim00-00-192229-07-2013 
Wonnacott, Gordon10-10-1914  
Woodburn, James Douglas 22-10-1941 
Woodward, James Crawford   
Wortley, Warren Herbert 16-04-2004 
Wozniak, Roman Roy "Wozzie"29-06-1919 more 
Wright, Geoffrey Kenneth   
Wright, George William   
Wright, James Bernard 14-02-1945 
Wright, Jerauld George31-08-1917  
Wright, Peter Edward Robinson16-07-191026-11-1986 
Wright, Ronald Alfrid