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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Albert, Earl Thomas* March 1st, 1920

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Rainville, Guy Henri00-00-1913  
Rankin, Glen Avon   
Rattray, Charles Gordon   
Rayner, Herbert Sharples16-01-191100-00-1976 
Reid, Donald Ernest   
Reid, Donald George 22-07-1942 
Reid, Edward James 06-10-1944 
Reid, William George   
Reidel, Cornelius Jerome   
Reilly, Wilfred   
Rennie, John13-12-192029-10-1943 
Reyno, Edwin Michael00-00-191710-02-1982 
Reynolds, James William Bromley 04-05-1943 
Richardson, Alfred Francis   
Rickard, Hugh Percy   
Ritchie, Gordon John McDowell06-12-192315-01-2010 
Roach, Mark00-00-1915  
Roberts, James Alan   
Roberts, Orval Lealand   
Robertson, Douglas Raymond00-00-192110-05-1945 
Robertson, Osborne Alexander "Robbie"   
Robinson, George William   
Robinson, John Marshall   
Robitaille, Guy02-10-1920  
Robitaille, Joseph Philippe Guy02-10-192021-06-2014more 
Robson, Cecil Arnold00-00-1919  
Rockingham, John Meredith "Rocky"24-08-191107-07-1987more 
Rodger, Norman Elliott   
Rodgers, Alma   
Romain, James Albert   
Rose, William David   
Roseblade, Norman Leslie00-00-191510-05-1945 
Ross, Alexander Murdock   
Ross, Arthur Dwight18-03-190727-09-1981 
Ross, William Neilson "Bill"   
Rothschild, Robert Phineas22-12-191400-00-2000 
Rowe, Hugh   
Rowe, Kenneth Medcalf "Blackie"07-08-192116-07-2000 
Rowland, Kenneth Edward19-06-1924  
Rowley, John William Horsley 26-03-1945 
Roy, Maurice Legendre   
Roy, Patrick Denson11-02-192103-03-1953 
Royds, William Edward   
Ruczak, John   
Rudolph, Leopold Henry   
Rule, Eric23-02-192201-08-2005 
Rundvall, Leonard Paul03-10-192030-09-1982 
Runolfson, Helgi Stephen27-01-191814-06-2006 
Russel, Blair Dalzell09-12-191720-11-2007 
Russell, Joseph Vincent00-00-192021-02-1944 
Rutherford, Kenneth Wood   
Ruttledge, Alfred John DeLaune00-00-019115-12-1944