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Canada (1931-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Addie, Gordon Rennie* May 23rd, 1905
† January 22nd, 1990

Albert, Earl Thomas* March 1st, 1920

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Pare, Ivan Murray06-06-192017-06-1962 
Parfett, John Allison   
Parker, Alexander Allan Hazlett   
Parker, Horace Basil   
Parker, John Edward   
Parry, Arthur Wilson   
Parsons, Ward Clifford00-00-1922  
Patenaude, Georges-Edmond   
Paterson, Charles James   
Patrick, Dominic Richard "Dick"   
Patrick, Richard Cecil08-10-191728-03-2005more 
Patterson, John Aubry   
Patterson, Welby Lloyd00-00-192214-04-1945 
Pattison, John David11-09-191902-10-1986 
Patton, George Lloyd02-12-191612-12-2006 
Patton, John Macmillan Stevenson29-08-191513-05-1996 
Paulson, Byron Ronald   
Pearce, Glenn William Anson   
Pearce, Peter Lancelot   
Pearkes, George Randolph28-02-188830-05-1984more 
Pearson, William Oliver20-11-189710-09-1964 
Peck, Aubrey Charles   
Pepper, Manville Bancroft00-00-192031-05-2014 
Perkins, Edward James   
Perrin, Walter Alvin  more 
Perry, George Alfred16-02-191113-10-1944 
Peters, Frederick Thornton17-09-188913-11-1942more 
Peterson, Herbert Victor00-00-1920  
Pethick, Llewellyn Wallace   
Pethick, Thomas Melville 02-06-1943 
Phillis, Jack Albert00-00-1921  
Piché, Louis Paul Emile30-12-191011-10-1944 
Piché, Paul   
Pickersgill, Frank Herbert Dedrick28-05-191514-09-1944 
Pigott, Joseph Michael, Jr.00-00-1919  
Pinches, Arthur William27-03-191923-04-1945 
Piuze, Yvon 15-09-1944 
Pleasance, Llewellyn Livingstone 05-01-1994 
Plow, Edward Chester   
Potter, Marwood Armstrong00-07-1921  
Potts, Arthur Edward24-10-189000-09-1983 
Potvin, Pierre-Ferdinand   
Poulin, Jean-Gaston "Tony"   
Powell, John Wilson "Jake"   
Powell, William Obediah14-12-192003-02-1943 
Poynt, Alfred Revs   
Prest, William Arnold (Arthur)05-07-1918  
Price, Lyall Basil Burman18-04-192029-07-1942 
Prince, Thomas George "Tommy"25-10-191525-11-1977 
Prior, Garfield Wallace 22-01-1944 
Proctor, Henry Archibald   
Prokopchuk, Joseph   
Purdy, Philip Hannah25-10-191809-06-1940 
Pushman, George Rupert12-05-191800-00-2001 
Pyper, Donald Gardner00-02-192000-04-1989