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Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Silber

This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmet type, the M35 model is used for this badge. The swastika on the helmed is slightly lager and the dots on the intermediary fields are on this badge placed in horizontally lines. Further is the badge oval shaped with a laurel leaves wreath at the outer edge of the badge. At the base of the badge is a knot and at the top are three berries underneath each other placed. The silver version has a solid reverse and can have a thin round pin or a broad flat pin with hook construction. Most of the silver versions are made of copper and zinc and were than silver plated. The silver version was awarded for 3 or 4 wounds of for a single wound that resulted in the loss of a hand, a foot or an eye. For a wound that meant brain damage, facial disfigurement of deafness, also the silver version was awarded.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Macher, Georg  
Machowsky, August25-08-191507-08-2001more
Mager, Rolf01-12-191701-01-1945more
Mahn, Gerhard (SS-Pz.Gren.Reg.9 "Germania")19-02-1913 more
Mai, Emil22-05-192208-10-1985more
Maier, Christian15-11-191527-09-1944
Maier, Ernst (WH-Infanterie)30-04-1920 
Maikowski, Eduard  more
Mainz, Horst (Grenadier-Regiment 163)  more
Mair, Josef07-02-192224-01-1945
Mair, Walter21-01-1918 
Maisel, Ernst16-09-189616-12-1978more
Maisenbacher, Eugen20-11-191419-08-1990more
Malachowski, von, Wilhelm06-06-191428-10-1980more
Maltry, Robert (Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 98)08-11-1911 more
Manitz, Hans-Horst12-03-190618-08-1989
Mantwitz, Walter17-02-1917 more
Masarié, Arzelino 'Lino'10-10-191209-08-1944more
Massa, Wilhelm Karl23-09-191420-07-1991more
Massalsky, Horst Rudolph Eduard29-03-192000-00-2001more
Matoni, Walter27-06-191726-06-1988more
Matthaei, Gerhard Karl Max09-05-189613-08-1985more
Matthes, Hans20-10-191412-03-1966more
Matzmohr, Wilhelm17-02-189829-11-1953more
Maurer, Josef07-03-191122-01-1945
Maxrath, Josef  more
Mayer, Arthur  
Mayser, Heinrich, Heinz (Pz-Abt.8)02-05-192019-08-1944more
Meier, Gerhard (SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt. 3)25-10-1921 more
Melan, Marcel10-07-1917 
Menges, Otto09-05-191724-05-1944more
Menzel, Joachim Friedrich Paul (Flak)11-10-191403-01-2005more
Menzel, Werner (Feldersatz-Bataillon 162)20-02-1904 more
Menzler, Heinrich-Karl27-05-1914 more
Merkl, Fritz21-09-191120-05-1942more
Merkl, Martin07-04-190806-01-1945
Mertins, Gerhard30-12-191919-03-1993more
Mertsch, Gustav17-01-190107-02-1986more
Meschkat, Rudi05-02-1917 more
Meseck-Selchow, Siegfried25-02-191520-10-2009more
Meyer zum Felde, Karl-Horst25-05-191924-01-2008more
Meyer, Herbert  more
Meyercordt, Walter Dr.05-02-1919 more
Michalak, Johann17-01-1915 more
Miescke, Heinz01-04-1912 
Mietusch, Klaus (Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter")05-08-191817-09-1944more
Milch, Dr. jur., Werner Wolfgang Eberhard15-11-190317-11-1984more
Milius, Siegfried10-06-191621-08-1992more
Minn, Peter08-01-1915 
Mitschke, Martin (Gren.Rgt.(mot.) 200)10-10-192019-11-2008more
Mittasch, Johann 28-11-1944
Mitzlaff, von, Berndt05-08-191420-03-2003more
Mohnke, Wilhelm15-03-191106-08-2001more
Mokros, Gerhard18-03-190903-04-1996more
Moldenhauer, Siegfried25-07-191526-08-1998more
Molter, Edmund  
Molz, Jacob (Gren.Reg.)01-01-191702-04-1944more
Monschau, Richard11-05-191018-08-1971more
Montag, Alfred15-06-191818-11-1990more
Mooijman, Gerardus Leonardus23-09-192321-06-1987
Mork, Erich (SS-Panzer-Regiment 2)27-07-191615-05-2002more
Mosburger, Georg (Jäger-Regiment 204)25-12-191918-02-1945more
Mosel, von der, Hans03-05-189812-04-1969more
Moser, Georg01-12-192001-03-1944more
Muchau, Friedrich  more
Mueller, Heinrich (Gren Rgt. 983)23-06-1918 
Multhoff, Walter28-11-191126-02-1999more
Mummert, Karl Julius Reingard Werner31-03-189728-01-1950more
Murmann, Wilhelm  more
Mühlbauer, Kastulus (Jäger-Regiment 207) 00-00-1994more
Mühlbauer, Wolfgang (Inf.Rgt.41)10-01-1920 
Mühleck, Karl27-07-192026-12-1944
Mühlenkamp, Johannes-Rudolf09-10-191023-09-1986more
Müller, Alfred (Infanterie-Regiment 449)11-11-191626-06-1944more
Müller, Anton "Toni" (Infanterie-Regiment 503)12-04-191427-07-2006more
Müller, Arthur (Gren. Rgt. 1060)12-03-1911 
Müller, Christian (Grenadier-Regiment 119)  more
Müller, Ernst (Radfahr-Abteilung 8)08-10-1912 
Müller, Franz (WH-Inf.Rgt. 460)28-01-189600-00-1986more
Müller, Fritz (WH-Jäger/Grenadier)03-10-190726-01-1994more
Müller, Georg (Infanterie-Regiment 107)30-01-1905 more
Müller, Gottfried (Art.Rgt. 336)03-12-1922 
Müller, Hermann (Gren. Rgt. 542)19-06-1896 more
Müller, Johann (Grenadier-Regiment 220)  more
Müller, Ludwig 04-09-1943
Müller, Otto Paul Rudolf 'Rudi' (WH-Art.Rgt. 24)22-07-191622-11-1985more
Müller, Rolf (SS-Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 2)07-08-1915 more
Müller, Rolf-Theodor Adolf Hans16-09-1917 more
Müller, Walter Christian (Pz.jäg.-Abt. 389)22-11-191422-09-2003more
Müller, Wilhelm (WH-Grenadier-Regiment 97)24-05-191900-00-2009more
Müller, Willibald (WH-Sonderverband 288)  
Mützelfeldt, Hans-Joachim (Waffen SS)08-08-191610-05-1945more
Mäder, Hellmuth05-07-190812-05-1984more
Möller, Emil (Grenadier-Regiment 124)19-11-191610-07-1993more
Möller, Ernst (Füsilier-Bataillon 553)10-08-191514-05-1996more
Möller, Hubert (Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 209)08-06-1913 more
Möller, Ludwig Werner (Panzergr-Regiment 12)07-01-191922-09-1981more