Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for service in any operational area in North-Africa between June 10th 1940 (the day of Italy's entry into the war) and May 12th 1943 (the end of hostilities in North-Africa) or the Mediterranean. The badge is a six-pointed star with the Royal Cipher GRI-VI in the centre surmounted by a crown above the inscription: The Africa Star. The ribbon is 1.25" wide and coloured pale buff with a vertical broad scarlet stripe and a narrow stripe of dark blue to the left and one of light blue to the right of the central stripe; the buff representing the desert, the other colors the three armed services.
Bars were awarded to personnel of 8Th Army, 1st Army and for service in North-Africa 1942-1943; the emblems were the digit 8 for 8th Army from October 23rd 1942 to December 5th 1943 and the digit 1 for 1st Army from November 8th to December 31st 1942 or from January 1st to December 5th 1943. A silver rosette was worn by personnel of HQ 18th AG who were not eligible for the first two bars.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hackett, John Winthrop "Shan"05-11-191009-09-1997more 
Halliday, Corrie Alexander25-08-1918  
Halliday, M.N.  more 
Hamblett, Fred   
Hampson, Richard Gordon02-05-1921 more 
Hampson, W.   
Handley, Thomas Edward23-09-191410-04-1945 
Hanson, John   
Hanus, Josef11-09-191321-04-1992more 
Harding, Ronald William   
Harley, Clyde Mervyn Walter   
Harnor, John Albert09-11-1921  
Harrison, Edgar Charles 00-11-2005more 
Harrison, Joseph "Joe"04-09-190700-00-2000 
Hawkes, Geoffrey William00-01-1920  
Hazelgrove, John Robert   
Heath, William   
Herman, Aurel Gustav  more 
Heron, Andrew Smith29-08-191910-05-1997 
Hess, Kazimierz J.02-12-192209-12-1999more 
Hewitson, John Loch "Gugu"20-04-1918 more 
Hezlet, Arthur Richard "Baldy"07-04-191407-11-2007more 
Higham, Richard00-00-191800-03-1993more 
Highet, John "Ian"09-12-192409-12-1999more 
Hill, Stanley James Ledger "Speedy"14-03-191116-03-2006more 
Hill, William Arthur   
Hinton, John Daniel17-09-190928-06-1997more 
Hiscox, Gaius Potter  more 
Hobbs, Bruce Robertson00-00-192000-00-2005 
Hodgson, Frederick Charles  more 
Holden-White, Harold Vere00-00-191700-00-1999more 
Holder, Paul Davie02-09-191122-04-2001more 
Holdstock, Peter John   
Hollis, Stanley Elton21-09-191208-02-1972more 
Hollowday, Vivian13-10-191615-04-1977more 
Hopson, Donald Charles31-08-191526-08-1974more 
Horsfield, Kenneth30-09-192018-08-1944 
Houlton, John Arthur23-09-192216-04-1996more 
Howes, Arthur Edwin Stuart "Ted"17-11-191822-02-2009 
Hoyer-Millar, Francis Kinglake14-07-191900-07-1993more 
Hubble, Samuel   
Hudson, James  more 
Hudson-Beck, Cyril Aubrey  more 
Huggett, Frank Arthur John10-02-1912  
Hughes, Frederick Desmond06-06-191911-01-1992more 
Hugo, Petrus Hendrik20-12-191706-06-1986more 
Hulme, Alfred Clive24-01-191103-09-1982more 
Hunter, Graham   
Hutchins, V.J.  more 
Hyde, Eric Charles